How to Spend Your iTunes Gift Card if You’re from New Jersey


Have Yourself a Meaty Little Christmas ($9.99) holiday/comedy – The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Christmas Album was released in November ’09 and it’s already a Christmas classic on my iPod. Meatwad makes me laugh my ass off! Meat Navi-wad!!! Highly recommended if you’re a fan of the Aqua Teen crew from South Jersey.

No Offense: Live From NJ – Jeffrey Ross ($9.99) comedy

Jersey Girls – Rye Coalition – also featuring other whimsical song titles such as “ZZ Topless” and “Speed Metal Tap Dancer.” (only partial album available)
White Boys from New Jersey – Let the Listener Beware EP ($4.95) comedy
New Jersey Kings – Party to the Bus Stop ($8.91) funk/soul/jazz
The Jersey Devil is Here: Darren Deicide ($8.91) – hard to put your finger on this one, but it’s catchy, fun, and dark simultaneously. Download it if you’re daring and ready for something different.
Jersey Dance Syndicate: Bon Jovi Medley ($9.99) – This actually exists. It feels sort of silly listening to “Blood on Blood” with a pulsing dance beat, but there’s a place for everything in this world especially when you have $0.99 cents burning a hole in your iTunes account and you’ve just always wanted a disco version of “In and Out of Love” and a Wham style “Dry County,” it’s so f-cked up that it’s kind of cool. Perfect for those middle aged women motivated while on the treadmill.


“Lonely on the Streets Jersey City” – The Casualties – ” track #11 on We Are All We Have ($0.99)

“Being From Jersey Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry” – Cobra Starship – track #1 on While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets – what is it with the convoluted song and album titles on the Fueled by Ramen record label? ($0.99)

“Better Off in Jersey” – Crash Romeo – track #11 on Gave Me the Clap ($0.99)

“Jersey Bounce” – Ella Fitgerald – track #6 on Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie! ($0.99)
“Bomb New Jersey” – Voltaire – ” track #6 on Ooky Spooky  ($0.99)

Hometown Tales ($2.99) app


“Hotel NJ” Starfucker – track #1 on For Crying Out Loud! ($0.99)

Living on the Edge of the World: New Jersey Writers Take On the Garden State by Irina Reyn app/book ($13.99)

WFMU Radio (FREE) app

“Jersey” – Kilogram – track #4 on Nobody Believed ($0.99)
“Sleepin’ On Jersey” – Naughty by Nature and Queen Latifah – track #12 on 19 Naughty III ($0.99)

NJ Devils by Alan Braun (FREE)

Weird NJ ($2.99) and Weird NJ Hauntings (FREE) app

“Mutant Mosquitoes from New Jersey” – Big Swing Face – track #1 on Mutant Mosquitoes from New Jersey jazz/big band/swing ($0.99)
The Toxic Avenger Musical Soundtrack (9.99)
“…/New Jersey” – Gilbert Gottfried track #7 on Dirty Jokes ($0.99)

“The 12 Days of Christmas…Jersey Style” – Cast of Jersey Boys track #9 on Broadway’s Carols for a Cure Vol.11 ($0.99)

A New Jersey Story: Continuous Mix by Mr.Chinn – Gary Davis ($9.99)

“10 Coolest Things About New Jersey” – Bloodhound Gang – track #17 on Hooray for Boobies (album only) ($9.99)
What Am I Doing in New Jersey? – George Carlin ($9.99) comedy
“Jersey Born and Livin’ On” – Bruce Jovi and The Smoove Sailors ($0.99)

“New Jersey Girl” – Nerf Herder – American Cheese track #12 ($0.99)
“Rime of the Ancient Mariner” – Iron Maiden – Live at IZOD Center 3/14/08 track #9 Flight 666 ($16.99) ALBUM ONLY? WHA WHA WHAT?
“Jersey Shore” – The Architects – track #5 on Vice ($0.99)


Vanity – American Angel –  ($9.99)

Down Jersey: Songs and Stories of Southern Jersey: Jim Albertson ($9.90) – a singer/songwriter who performs songs inspired by NJ. There’s also a spoken word piece explaining the origin of the Jersey Devil.

“Jersey Boy” – Eddie Rabbitt – track #9 on Jersey Boy ($0.99)

“Surfin’ the Jersey Shore” – The Giraffes – track #6 on franksquilt ($0.99)

“New Jersey is for Dreamers” – Stereo Summer – track #2 on Stereo Summer EP ($0.99)
NJ Pick 6 Lottery report collection by Kulusoft ($1.99)

12 Songs My iPod Spit Out Today


My iPod picked out quite an awesome set of music for me during my morning commute to work today. This shuffle leans heavily on rock and manages to slide in some ’80s classics as well.

1) Try it Again – The Hives
2) Undone – Weezer
3) Shockwave – Black Tide
4) Back to Paradise – .38 Special
5) New Girl Now – Honeymoon Suite
6) Hot Girls in Good Moods – Butch Walker & The Let’s Go Out Tonites
7) Getting Away with Murder – Papa Roach
8) I Want You – Kiss
9) Fallen Angel – Poison
10) Now is the Time – Damone
11) Rockaway Beach – The Ramones
12) Guitar – Prince

MOVE Bitch, Get Out the Gym!

Today I was working out at the gym on my break and close by was a middle aged woman lifting some heavy free weights. She was a very masculine woman and she was really going at it with the weights. She was also curling a straight bar with like 100 lbs. on it. I noticed that she had her mp3 player on and earbuds in her ears. She was singing to each rap song that came on. What really brought her to my attention was when she was rapping “Move BITCH get out tha way!” along with Ludacris while grunting and pushing dumbells up and down. I found this to be quite amusing.

It helped me realize just how much I hate when people sing along (out loud) to whatever is playing through their mp3 player. I so want to tell them to shut their traps. At least this lady was occupying herself while singing. It’s even worse when people are just wandering around a store or a college singing or rapping along for no reason. Listen to the music and keep the singing in your head!

Back to this lady. She also made me realize just how insanely annoying it is when people are working out and they make these grunting and sighing noises. Some people have their very own patented sound that they make. One guy I knew always used his trademark “sssss” sound everytime he put a weight up, no matter how much the weight was! It could have been 4 lbs. and the guy was like “SSSSSSSS.” Does this help them get the job done? Does grunting make it easier? Why is everyone so fucking dramatic? Maybe they are showing off? Occasionally if your doing alot of weight I know that our bodies force out some noises but these people with all their various grunts, sighs, and snake sounds are completely obnoxious. It sounds like their hurling. Come to think of it, I’d probably rather hear the manly, middle aged woman rap along with Ludacris.