Live from WWE Summerslam!

I’m blogging live from Summerslam at the Continental Airlines Arena. I rarely see palm trees and surfboards in this arena but today they make up the Titantron set. There’s already dueling Cena/Orton chants going on. The crowd is pumped.
Posted by Jay Amabile at 6:33 PM

Fiber optic palm trees baby!
Posted by Jay Amabile at 6:38 PM

I just witnessed an unbelievable entrance and match with the return of Triple H. The place went ballistic. CM Punk lost to Morrison and the 2 Championship matches are left to go. Batista just made his entrance.
Posted by Jay Amabile at 9:00 PM

Fans are bored and doing the wave. We have the classiest fans…and fiber optic palm trees.
Posted by Jay Amabile at 9:07 PM