Elvis Reese’s and Jeff’s Orange Dream Soda

During this spooky time of year I feel right at home having a blog. When I check out all of my favorite blogs and websites many of them such as X-Entertainment and Brandedinthe80s.com feature countdowns where most of the posts throughout the month of October are Halloween related. This kicks alot of ass if you’re a fan of the holiday which I most definitely am. I’ve always been a huge fan of horror movies and thrillers and I’ve already started playing the Halloween playlist on my iPod which I spend all year tweaking because I’m a super geek. Unfortunately I’m not writing this to inform you that I’ll have a Halloween related post every day this month, but I’ll do my best. First you’ll notice that I’ve changed the header on the site. This is a classic scene from one of my favorite movies of all time, Ghostbusters. I don’t consider it a “Halloween” movie but Slimer and The Sexy Armpit are “perfect together.”

I usually associate the color orange with Halloween, most likely because of Pumpkins. So here we’ll take a look at 2 products that I’ve had within the last week or so that had orange packaging. I don’t care that they have nothing to do with Halloween, just go with it ok?

First we’ll take a look at the candy category with the limited edition Elvis Reese’s Peanut Butter and Banana Cups. A few months back I was really excited to hear that these were coming out. When my girl finally found them by chance at the local Wal-Mart I immediately tore into them. The miniature size had an effect on the taste because the difference in taste is obvious when you bight into a regular size peanut butter cup from a 2-pack. I think the peanut butter’s flavor and consistency tastes completley different than the miniature versions. Only the bottom of the cups have a banana flavor which wasn’t anything to write home about. It would’ve been better if they eliminated the chocolate altogether from these limited editions. Reese’s PB covered in all banana would’ve been a winner since it’s a more definitive flavor. Elvis didn’t have chocolate on his Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches so why’d they mess with a good thing?

The second product we’ll take a look at is Jeff’s New York Egg Cream in it’s special Orange Dream flavor. This is a creamy style soda that tastes like a Creamsicle. If you’ve never tasted an Egg Cream you’re really missing out. If you’re lactose intolerant then I feel sorry for you because these sodas are so unbelievably delicious. Jeff’s egg creams precisely replicates these old school sodas. If an “Egg Cream” sounds disgusting, it really isn’t since according to Wikipedia, they don’t contain egg or cream and they were basically described as a “poor man’s ice cream soda.Think Seltzer mixed with orange and vanilla cream and you have Jeff’s Orange Dream. I’ve also been a big fan of their plain vanilla flavor as well.