Miss Sexy Armpit 2008

The Sexy Armpit T-Shirt Contest Official Rules: Miss Sexy Armpit 2008

The winner’s picture will be featured on the site logo at The Sexy Armpit.com. The winner will be the prestigious, first ever Miss Sexy Armpit! The winner will also receive a $50 gift card to Ticketmaster. I’m pretty sure that the card will be used to purchase tickets to the NKOTB reunion tour. Don’t even lie.

1) Yes I know I’m being sexist…GIRLS ONLY! Why? Because who the fuck wants to look at guys especially those wearing a black t-shirt? You can go to any Hot Topic to see that. Girls are just nicer to look at. TAKE THAT all you debonair male models.

2) Must be sexy! Don’t worry about some nipple slippage…we’ll edit it out or you can cover them with your hands. BTW, pants are not required but thongs, g-strings, and any type of lingerie are always effective. Although, if you decide to wear underwear in the pictures, don’t even think of wearing granny panties or no one will vote for you.

3) What’s encouraged? Creativity! Be creative while trying to remain as close to the concept of the girl in the website artwork as possible. Maybe you want to be punked out or look rock n’ roll like a Suicide Girl…It’s up to you! The point is to get the feel of the name of the site. The whole idea that “NJ is disgusting and filled with sewage but still sexy.” You can take your photo by a NJ turnpike sign on the road thumbing for a ride. Perhaps you can prove that Jersey isn’t as trashy as people think it is? Or maybe being trashy is sexy? Points for originality. There’s attractive backgrounds all over New Jersey if you choose to take your picture outside. There’s landfills, highways, fuel refineries, dumpsters, garbage cans etc. You might want to take the picture in a bathtub filled with green slime. You have the freedom to be serious, or tongue in cheek. PHOTOS ARE ALLOWED TO BE MANIPULATED AND MODIFIED in programs like Photoshop. Feel free to add stuff to your photo or make it black and white.

4) Keep in mind you DON’T have to WEAR the shirt. If you want to use it in other ways that is fine too. Draping it over select body parts also may score you some votes. You can tie the shirt in front like you’re a really feminine male or you can go totally ’80s style with a half tee. I was asked if you can rip or cut the shirt, and if you feel like ripping out my heart then by all means you can do it, but if you’re going to deface the shirt I’d prefer if you bedazzle it. But then again, if you’re soo voluptuous that you’re boobs rip the shirt open by themselves then it’s no fault of your own. In fact, God Bless. Cut carefully though, we only have a limited supply of shirts.

5) You’re allowed to send in up to 5 photo entries per person. The best 2 will make the competition. All photos sent may not make the competition but the ones that are chosen will be published on the Internet for visitors to vote on and become property of The Sexy Armpit.com. If you are not comfortable with this then please do not enter.

6) If you cannot get pictures taken or if you feel that you won’t be able to for some reason then we’ll arrange for our professional photographer to take them at The Sexy Armpit Headquarters.

7) If you’re DIY, then send us your address in order for us to send you the shirt. After you take your photos please send all entries to sexyarmpit@comcast.net

  • the name/nickname you want to enter as & what size shirt
  • the town you were born and raised, and a sentence or two bio of what you’re about and what you like to do. You can include bands you like, links to your website, etc. Provide some interesting attention grabbing facts about yourself.
  • up to 5 photos, in .jpg, .bmp, .png, etc. (Please keep pictures original size)

8) The contestant with the MOST votes after the voting is over will be the winner.


Tell everyone you know to vote. You’ll be notified where you can view the contestants pictures and how you can vote. Tell everyone on MySpace or Facebook. VOTE! You don’t have to sing for this competition, you just have to look good.


The prize police will knock down your door…eh…no they won’t. We’ll let you know if you win. You’ll become the first ever Miss Sexy Armpit and take home a fine gift card for Ticketmaster.