Two-Face Cameo In Dead Heat?

While checking out the archives at Nightchillers Rare Music blog, I saw a movie mentioned that jogged my memory. Dead Heat, (1988) is a buddy cop movie in the vein of 48 hours and Lethal Weapon, but done ZOMBIE STYLE! The film stars cult hero Treat Williams, an actor who I’m surprised hasn’t had a book written about him similar to The Truth About Chuck Norris. We also get to see Jersey boy Joe Piscopo star as Treat Williams partner, Doug Bigelow. Sure, some of the SFX are dated but that’s part of the charm. It’s the type of comedy/shocker that we really don’t see made anymore. If you want to relive some great ’80s late night cable memories then definitely pick up a copy of Dead Heat. Cheesy jokes, reanimated corpses, and Joe Piscopo…how can you go wrong? I haven’t watched this movie since I was a kid so I popped it in the other day and had a moderate revelation. Treat Williams was the first on-screen Two-Face!

It’s undeniable if you ask me! Of course Treat Williams didn’t actually play Harvey Dent, he played Detective Roger Mortis, but I’ll be damned if the makeup artist wasn’t a huge Batman fan! Be sure to look out for appearances by Darren McGavin, Toru Tanaka, Martha Quinn, and VINCENT PRICE!