Grant Gould’s Wolves Ravage Web

Prepare to run fast as hell. What are you running from? Well jeez, look alive! There are wolves and monsters after you! It’s wise to run, but in this case, don’t run for the hills, run straight to your computer and log onto the brand new Wolves of Odin webcomic written and illustrated by artist Grant Gould. Gould is an enormously talented artist who also happens to be a really cool guy with tons of geek cred! To name just a few of his credits, Gould has created the art for The Clone Wars webcomic and Marvel, DC, and LOTR trading cards, and a slew of other comics and collectibles.
The webcomic continues the story that was started in 2008’s full color graphic novel from Super Real Graphics. Just like the graphic novel, the webcomic involves everything you could ever want in a comic: hot chicks, vikings, violence, werewolves, and the supernatural. Gould’s distinct style and luminous colors infuse the action packed panels with barbaric elegance. Wolves of Odin will be updated on Mondays and Fridays. Now get your ass over there!