Welcome to The Sexy Armpit’s 2010 Halloween Countdown!

The Sexy Armpit has a lot of awesome posts in store for the Halloween season and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you! I consider October to be the best time of year and it must be the supernatural atmosphere that possesses all of us bloggers to write spooky posts all month long. Make sure to follow all those cool blogs participating in The Countdown to Halloween, many of which are friends of The Sexy Armpit so pay them a visit! If you’d like to be a part of the crew, head over to the site and let them know!

Creating countdowns on a blog can become more hard work than fun. In the summer, Shark Month here at the Armpit became quite tedious, but Halloween is always a blast. In the spirit of making it even MORE fun, look at the top of this page and you’ll notice this year’s Halloween header. It’s The Sexy Armpit’s homage to the ’80s vampire classic, The Lost Boys! There’s really nothing “Jersey” about The Lost Boys other than the fact that I used to watch it incessantly as a kid growing up in NJ.

As you prepare yourself for the coming onslaught of the most ghoulish month of the year, remember to come back and visit The Sexy Armpit often throughout October to see all kinds of haunted, nostalgic, and Jersey related Halloween stuff. I’ll have posts about my costume this year, events I’ll be attending, crap I picked up at stores, and the typical Sexy Armpit content.

Also, please check out some of the BEST Halloween related posts from previous years here at The Sexy Armpit if you haven’t read them yet.