Coin-Op Flintmobile in Berlin, New Jersey!

Go for a ride on the coin-op Flintmobile in Berlin, NJ

The Flintstones is one of my all time favorite cartoons and the show turns 50 years old today! Thanks to I found this awesome coin operated ride-on Flintmobile! The Flintmobile is The Flintstones method of transportation since they didn’t have Ford Explorers back in The Stone Age. It’s located in front of the K-Mart on South White Horse Pike in Berlin, New Jersey. Thanks to Waymarking user Monkeys4ever for posting this! Children aren’t the only ones who dig these rides, personally I’d like to have a ride-on Flintmobile in my condo. Something tells me having a whirl on The Flintmobile would ease my tension at the end of a stressful day. Plus, with this one you don’t have to use your feet!