’s New Jersey

cracked,new jersey is a consistently amusing stop on my widespread Internet travels. A while back I noticed they featured a post about New Jersey which I found to be hysterical, for example this line: “A healthy Guido has a skin tone somewhere between “orange” and “magma.” And of course the above chart is superbly asinine. If anyone is wondering where The Sexy Armpit headquarters is, it’s somewhere in the red part – apparently where “The actual Mafia” exists! I can’t really elaborate on that right now though.

Guido jokes aside, I did have a few problems with the post. First, the writer claims to have lived in Jersey for 18 years, but Cracked failed to publish the author’s name on the article. Authors usually like to be cited for their work, in his/her case maybe they thought they’d get the cement shoes for writing jokes about Jersey? If I was the author I wouldn’t have remained anonymous. Jersey jokes are funny, plain and simple, so be proud if you have a few good ones. The article has the requisite mentions of guidos, Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, and Bon Jovi. It was all fun and games until they dissed My Chemical Romance at the end of the article. BOOO! The author should’ve wrapped it up after burying The Jonas Brothers.