Perfect Age of Rock n Roll Premieres!

In theaters and ON Demand August 5th!

Long time readers of The Sexy Armpit will recall me posting about the film The Perfect Age of Rock n Roll. I’m excited to announce that the film is finally getting it’s official release! I was lucky enough to see it a few years back at a private screening and be the first to review the film. After tracking the evolution of the film and hearing about it’s awards at film fests and other positive feedback, I’m pleased that it will finally be released for all to see. Congratulations to Scott Rosenbaum, Joe White, and the rest of the cast and crew who poured their heart and “Lost Soulz” into this project.

The Perfect Age of Rock n Roll is about the erratic relationship between 2 band mates (Jason Ritter and Kevin Zegers) and how their music has brought them back together on a journey across the country. On the way they discover their rock and roll roots as well as get involved with the same woman (Taryn Manning). As I said in my review, this ain’t the Partridge Family! The title of the film represents the idyllic age of 27, an age at which many famous rock musicians died such as Hendrix, Joplin, and Morrison to name a few.

If you’re a music fan, especially rock, metal and the blues, you will dig this movie. It’s for guys and girls alike so you can watch it with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The original songs on the soundtrack by Steve Conte and Andrew Hollander kick so much ass and I recommend downloading them for a reasonable price on iTunes. After seeing the movie the songs will definitely be stuck in your head.

For the Jersey aficionados like me, many scenes were filmed in Jersey. You might not realize that Jersey isn’t all fist pumping and juiced up guidos, we also offer line dancing and mechanical bull rides at The Colorado Cafe, which happens to serve as one of the clubs the band plays at in the film. The film’s co-writer is New Jersey born Jasin Cadic who is also the lead signer of the metal/industrial band Star Killer and the director of The Dirty Pearls latest video for “Who’s Coming Back To Who.” Be sure to check it out in the comfort of your own home ON Demand on August 5th!

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