Top 10 Best Posts of 2012

2012 was a tough year, but some good stuff actually happened too. Here’s a countdown of the top 10 best posts of 2012 from The Sexy Armpit. HAPPY NEW YEAR and we wish you all the best in 2013.

10. Jersey Shore recently aired it’s final episode and just when you thought your TV was going to have some relief from having to display New Jersey based reality shows, we got TOY HUNTER! Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter is awesome for geeks and toy collectors, but also for a guy like me obsessed with his home state of NJ. Host and toy guru Jordan Hembrough is from Jersey and many of the episodes are filmed in various locations throughout the state! Love this frigging show.

9. One of my comedy idols in one of my favorite films ever mentions Atlantic City

8. Gotham City, NJ – More Evidence!

7. Remember when Madonna was the hottest thing going in not just the country, but basically around the entire globe? I do, but you may not since it feels like it was eons ago. Her frequent idiocy as of late seems due to a case of sour grapes. Move on Madonna. Artists like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have taken over, let them have their turn now. Just for a moment, I’ll take you back to the days when Madonna was the biggest star on the planet. And in my 35mm camera.

6. With Paul McCartney recently rocking out with the remaining members of Nirvana, it brings to mind Robert Zemeckis’ 1978 Beatles comedy I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

5. Eerie, Indiana or Eerie NJ?

4. Chiller Theatre Convention – Fall Recap

3. Mark Wahlberg scored big with Ted, but if you haven’t seen The Fighter, it’s a tremendous film. Check it out on Netflix when you can. It’s based off true events and one of the fights featured takes place in Atlantic City. Read more about it here.

2. Anne Hathaway – Garden State Playmate

1. What’s Captain America doing in Paramus, NJ?

The Sexy Armpit’s Christmas Address


No The Sexy Armpit isn’t dead. And no, I haven’t given up on the site.

Not too long ago I was getting over a head cold and then I just fell into a lazy funk the past few weeks. It happens to the best of us. Slacking is especially easy at the end of the year. After a pretty f’d up year filled with tough times for everyone comes the shopping, the holiday traffic, and the aggravation that goes along with it. So now it’s time to enjoy the hard work we put in this year, and soak up as much of the quality family time we can.

From my perspective here in New Jersey we dealt with one of the most disastrous hurricanes ever in the U.S. In addition to that, all we’ve heard about this year are heart wrenching news reports on the mass shootings happening around the country as well as reading every single stupid journalistic spin on the “fiscal cliff” that fills our quota for a lifetime. As with every ball drop in Times Square, 2012 started out positive, but definitely didn’t end that way. Whether these things effect you personally or not, these are stressful times. I didn’t even come up with a wish list for Santa Claus like I did last year.

As bleak as this post seems, I’m definitely looking forward to 2013. I’m still attempting to gather a small cast for the rest of the scripted YouTube shows I have in the can. As I’ve stated here in the recent past, I don’t have any lofty goals for this site. It’s not a place where I just post photos that you can find anywhere on the Internet without rhyme or reason and if you don’t see a post for a few days (or weeks) that means I’m not inspired by anything lately. It may sound silly that I refer to inspiration when dealing with New Jersey t-shirts and movie references, but it’s all about motivation, the fuel.

I don’t give a shit about awards, peer acceptance, or credibility. This blog is not a “jumping off point,” and after 8 years I don’t expect to gain anything from it, especially cash. It is what it is, and that is The Sexy Armpit. If you dig it, I consider you a friend and thank you for being on board. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and appreciate every second you spend with your family!