Halloween Countdown 2014, Halloween A-Z

Velcome to Castle Sexy Armpit! Just changing that W to a V made a world of difference, and it’s those little details that have completely transformed The Sexy Armpit into a virtual house or horrors, a terrifying realm of text in tribute to our favorite time of the entire year, HALLOWEEN!

For the past several years, The Sexy Armpit has taken on Halloween motifs that were parodies of stuff like famous horror film posters, and band themes like The Misfits. We continue the tradition with the parody you see above. This header is inspired by a brochure advertising the greatest haunted attraction of all time, Castle Dracula.

Castle Dracula is legendary among those of us who frequented the Wildwood boardwalk as kids. Although it burned down so long ago, it still lives on via the Internet. It’s been paid tribute many times by Matt from Dinosaur Dracula. He’s also gone on record to state  that “Last year’s Halloween season was one of the best ever,” and I am in full agreement with him. I’m not sure if 2014 will be able to surpass 2013, especially when the actual year number was an eerie one itself. Just from a commentator’s perspective, 2014 is going to have to pull off a big swerve to reach the haunted heights of last year.

So, the Halloween Countdown 2014 is on! On the horizon is our 2014 Halloween special which is categorized as “in production” as we speak.

It’s all a bit overwhelming for me. My brain is absolutely flooded with ideas. What will my costume be, will I have to drive all over creation to find the limited edition crap? It’s all about antici—PATION. My mind is racing with all the cool Halloween stuff, products, food gimmicks, events, attractions, costume parties, etc. We wait for it all year and then it just creeps up on us and BAM it’s officially here and I feel like I can’t possibly be ready. Glad this thing starts September 1st, otherwise it would be over with a snap of a monstrous finger.

There’s a moat around Sexy Armpit Castle, we’ll call it Crystal Lake, and we’re diving right in. The lake of course, is made of Ghoul-Aid, hopefully laced with some psychedelics.

So it’s here, we’re living it right now. It seems like everyone else is ready, while I feel ill prepared. It’s like those dreams that you show up late to class on a test day without studying for it. Well, that’s me right now and I’m in that Amazing Stories episode “Go to the Head of the Class” with Professor Beanes.

Every year I typically kick off The Sexy Armpit’s side of the Halloween countdown with a recap of the best posts of the previous years countdown. Since the blog is in it’s 10th year, I’m going to do it a little differently this time. Although I haven’t been doing the countdown for 10 years, I’ve still accumulated so many posts that I feel are worthy enough to present to you once again, especially since you may be new to the site. These are posts that include personal stories from life events, movies, attractions, trivia, monsters, and a homemade comic book among other things. Do a little digging and maybe you’ll unearth something spine tingling.

To get A through Z, I had to do some finagling to get it to work out. You’ll notice some repeats, for instance, it felt like I had 23 “H” entries and there could’ve been at least half of these starting with “S.” And you’ll also notice THAT I HAVE AN ENTRY FOR Q and Z! Hell yes.

Halloween 2013 Is Upon Us!

 photo halloween2013_zpsf1c9b040.jpg
Halloween 2013 has a nice ring to it.

Dinosaur Dracula officially ushered us into the Halloween season in a radical fashion at midnight last night. We have arrived, and I’m excited. As Matt at Dino Drac mentioned, we’ve got a while to go before the day we wait for all year. Ultimately, the most fun is in the build-up to October 31st, so let’s revel in it together. Please join me for a Sexy Armpit-style Halloween. This year will feature even more ghastly fun than ever before.

OK, here’s the situation. All throughout September, The Sexy Armpit will be all “Halloweeny,” and then beginning in October I have something extra special for you, and dare I say it, pretty different from what you are used to. I’ve been planning this for a couple of months and I’m hoping you enjoy it. 
What I have up my sleeve for October is still not 100% complete, but I’m working on it each night. It’s more subtle and not the typical Halloween countdown material. If I buy something halloween-themed or I’m doing the usual stuff like that it will most likely be posted in September. 
Since Halloween is so important to me and I’ve been taking part in the countdowns for a long time, it was time that I came to the party with a different approach, and it hasn’t been easy. I’ve ran into a lot of challenges along the way. 
The season inspires me and I want it to reflect in the content I’m delivering here. It’s time for me to take things a bit more seriously and not just f*ck around. This is all very vague, I know. Hopefully it does pique your interest enough to want to come back and check out what I have planned for October 1st. It’s not as much of an in your face October from me as you might expect. After all, there’s only so many reviews of Pumpkin Spice Milk you can do. This October, I want to delve deeper into the season and bring you with me.
For those fellow bloggers reading this, be sure not to burn yourself out. If you’ve been doing the countdown thing for a long time, you know it’s not easy. We have a long stretch. Take a few days off once in a while. Most of us don’t get paid for this so make it fun. Don’t let it become your job. Check out everyone else’s blogs too because there’s clearly a lot of hard work that goes into them and it yields a lot of creativity and entertainment.


Top 10 Best Posts of 2012

2012 was a tough year, but some good stuff actually happened too. Here’s a countdown of the top 10 best posts of 2012 from The Sexy Armpit. HAPPY NEW YEAR and we wish you all the best in 2013.

10. Jersey Shore recently aired it’s final episode and just when you thought your TV was going to have some relief from having to display New Jersey based reality shows, we got TOY HUNTER! Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter is awesome for geeks and toy collectors, but also for a guy like me obsessed with his home state of NJ. Host and toy guru Jordan Hembrough is from Jersey and many of the episodes are filmed in various locations throughout the state! Love this frigging show.

9. One of my comedy idols in one of my favorite films ever mentions Atlantic City

8. Gotham City, NJ – More Evidence!

7. Remember when Madonna was the hottest thing going in not just the country, but basically around the entire globe? I do, but you may not since it feels like it was eons ago. Her frequent idiocy as of late seems due to a case of sour grapes. Move on Madonna. Artists like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have taken over, let them have their turn now. Just for a moment, I’ll take you back to the days when Madonna was the biggest star on the planet. And in my 35mm camera.

6. With Paul McCartney recently rocking out with the remaining members of Nirvana, it brings to mind Robert Zemeckis’ 1978 Beatles comedy I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

5. Eerie, Indiana or Eerie NJ?

4. Chiller Theatre Convention – Fall Recap

3. Mark Wahlberg scored big with Ted, but if you haven’t seen The Fighter, it’s a tremendous film. Check it out on Netflix when you can. It’s based off true events and one of the fights featured takes place in Atlantic City. Read more about it here.

2. Anne Hathaway – Garden State Playmate

1. What’s Captain America doing in Paramus, NJ?

Welcome To The 2012 Halloween Countdown!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOhL19V-TfM?list=UUumnVDwF5g2FwPBXlebEUIg&hl=en_US]

Mwahahahaha! The door is creaking open. The fog machines have been fired up. The horror films are rolling and Sludgey is scared out of his mind. Please join us here at The Sexy Armpit every day this month for all the Halloween countdown fun…if you dare! Last year’s theme was The Lost Boys, and this year the motif is a tribute to Lodi, New Jersey’s horror punk icons, The Misfits!

The video above is The Sexy Armpit Halloween Special. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check it out. We worked hard on it last year and are in the midst of making more episodes so stay tuned!

And as I do every year, here’s a list of the BEST links from last year’s Halloween Countdown. Please check them out because they get lonely all locked up in the archives like that. They are liable to cause some real damage if they don’t get enough attention!

Rest Stop Dedications: The Retroist

In the new column REST STOP DEDICATIONS we don’t just recommend a website we like, 
we dedicate an entire rest stop to them on The Sexy Armpit Parkway!

The FIRST ever Rest Stop Dedication goes out to our friends at The Retroist!

Sure if you want to read like…news and stuff…you can log on to The Economist, but why would you want to do that when you can have a fun filled trip back in time via The Retroist? The Retroist blog has consistently transported me to places I used to go as a kid and has also brought back a ton of memories. In an overcrowded sea of nostalgia blogs, some of which are rarely updated, The Retroist is perched in the upper echelon of its genre. The site is updated daily with everything from commentary on old commercials, news on the latest nostalgic DVD releases, and they even offer a podcast! Plus, the man behind The Retroist grew up in New Jersey! LIKE The Retroist on Facebook!

Take a look back at some choice selections over at The Retroist involving New Jersey:

Honest Scrap Award from Enter The Man-Cave

A big thanks to Geof at Enter The Man-Cave for awarding The Sexy Armpit and several other blogs the Honest Scrap Award!

Geof C. is a really cool guy who writes his posts from his kick-ass man cave. Topics discussed in the Man Cave are movie reviews, sports, and Geof’s personal experiences, among other amusing stuff.
Now it’s my turn to choose 9 other blogs to bestow this honor. It may not seem like a difficult task at first, but considering I read about 480,000 blogs a week, it was a little bit of a challenge.If I didn’t mention your blog that I doesn’t mean I love you any less! Thanks again to Enter The Man Cave! Stop over there and pay Geof a visit! Enjoy your weekend!

The Good Old Balls and Computer Comparison

I’ve always tried to take note of all the times I see something ridiculous on the Internet. Realistically, you and I know that’s a near impossible task since you probably see something completely off the wall every time you go online. Many times the advertisements are the culprits. Who’s writing these attention grabbing masterpieces? They’re definitely getting the job done since this ad pulled me in like a tractor beam. Accomplish it’s task it did, but click on the link I didn’t. Personally, I use this phrase in real life frequently, although not referring to my pc. More like “It’s hot as BALLS in here!” What do you think…are these ads fashioned by SNL writers? Next time you’re online remember to look out for these over the top ads. At the very least you’ll get a chuckle, or a faster PC! lol. I wonder if “Slow as Balls” is a technical term in computer lingo?

Speaking of a PC that’s “slow as balls,” you may notice that The Sexy Armpit may be taking a bit longer to load since the new header is bigger and more bad ass than it used to be. What do you think?

Holy Batman Links, The Dark Knight is Upon Us!

You still have a couple of days to enter The Sexy Armpit’s Batman on Blu-Ray giveaway! Click here for more info!

Rob at Myspace TV has one of the best versions of Power Records “Batman: Stacked Cards” story book and record. It’s basically like reading a comic book but with an audio track and sound effects. I still have my original copy of this that my parents bought me when I was 3 years old. It’s ingrained in my memory. The art, by Neal Adams, is drawn exactly the way Batman and the cast should look. Keep in mind that it was made in 1975 so you may not enjoy the audio track, but I think it’s awesome. Interesting fact according to Wikipedia: Power Records was owned by Peter Pan Records of NEWARK, New Jersey from the 70’s to 2000 and is now owned by Inspired Studios in Roseland, New Jersey! Imagine that! All those great superhero book and record sets you had all came from Dirty Jersey baby!

Batman-ish Ceiling fan.

This is a Wiki compiling info on all of The Dark Knight viral campaigns and websites.

Bat-Blog – the best batman site out there!

Here’s one of the best Batman films ever: The Amazing Adventures of Little Batman!

Batman vs. Batman vs. Batman! A trailer for a movie I never thought I’d see: A face off between Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney, and Bale!

Here’s one of the worst, WORST, worst, home-made Bat-films that exists on You-Tube. I don’t care how young the kid who made it is. At that age I would’ve blown this film out of the water. People need to stop uploading shit onto You Tube!

Great White Snark has a post about a guy who got a HUGE Dark Knight logo tattooed on his back

Todd’s Blog has a great multi part feature on Batman comic book cover LOGOS throughout the years. Click on his “logo” link at the bottom of the post to see logos ranging from Green Lantern to Iron Man.

Batman The Dark Knight Milk advertisement and sweepstakes

Did you know that there was a city called Batman in southeast Turkey?

Again with the Comics has a post featuring Batman in Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment!”

THE KNIGHT IS UPON US! Tomorrow, the last day of the countdown, I’ll have a summary of my thoughts on the film in IMAX!

Here’s my list of Thank you’s and credits for helping me out during the Dark Knight Countdown!
Thanks to Steve D. for helping me research the links!