The Sexy Armpit Turns 8!


Since Hurricane Sandy hit, things have been stressful around here. Many friends and readers that I know through this blog have e-mailed me to see if I was O.K. That means more to me than anything. Thankfully, I am O.K. But, now is definitely not the time to be celebrating. My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones and had their homes destroyed. We’ll make a comeback, we always do.

Thank you. Seriously. If you’re reading this post you’re either a reader who stops by occasionally or someone who stumbled onto this site via a Google search for pictures of Elisabeth Shue’s ass. Regardless of why you are here, I thank you. It’s been 8 years since I started this site and what makes it all worth it is that there’s people that stop by to look around. There would be no point in doing it without you!

You’ve probably noticed that I’m more of a casual blogger. In the history of the site I’ve always tried to post at least a few times a week and for the most part, I do. There’s always a stretch of a few days where I’m feeling lazy. Once it starts feeling like I have to post something, that’s where it loses all the fun. So, I try to keep it simple. In trying to make sure that the majority of stuff I post about has some sort of underlying New Jersey theme, it actually alienates many readers, and I’m OK with that. That’s the point of this blog, otherwise it would just be a random blog with a funny name. Would I want to read a blog all about Kalamazoo, Michigan? Probably not. But the power of The Sexy Armpit lies in the fact that people come to this site from all over the United States.

“Anniversary of my blog” posts often tout milestones. I could probably list a bunch of awesome things that have happened because of this blog in the past several years, but honestly in the past year it’s been pretty much business as usual as far the actual blog goes. I’m not looking to reinvent any wheel or try to get picked up to write for other sites. I like doing what I do. Whenever I’ve written for other sites it’s taken away time from posting here. But posting every day isn’t proving anything to anyone and it’s not practical for me.

Plans for the future of the site are more than just writing posts. Putting up more of The Sexy Armpit shows for you to enjoy at our YouTube channel is what I’ll be concentrating on in the coming months. The posts won’t stop though, so please keep coming by!

Until then, follow me on Twitter @sexyarmpit and Subscribe to us on

There’s several people I want to thank so I’ll give you a short list and if you’re not listed just know that I greatly appreciate all of your help!


Top 10 Moments of 2011

Plenty of sights brag about their amazing accomplishments. It’s pretty damn easy to kiss your own ass. Almost weekly I come across a post that states something to the effect of “We are celebrating a bajillion hits! YAY FOR US!” The Sexy Armpit does indeed celebrate it’s yearly birthday, but other than that we try to keep the boasting to a minimum because it gets annoying. On the other hand though, I do toot my own horn because blogging doesn’t yield many benefits. Aside from a degree of personal satisfaction, and the occasional media review copy, blogging is simply a lot of work. With that said, allow me to repay myself for all that hard work as I steal a few minutes of your time exploiting the BEST Sexy Armpit moments of 2011! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

10. Showered With Deb and Hilly! – OK So I didn’t actually take a shower with them, it was more like I showered them…with my adoration. The Chiller Theatre Convention in Spring 2011 featured Judie Aronson and Suzanne Snyder (the girls from Weird Science) and as I stood sandwiched in between these ladies, for the first time in my life I didn’t feel like a total dick.

9. My Kick Buttowski Halloween Costume! – Every year for Halloween I have to feel some sort of inspiration or else I won’t dress up. This year I became my favorite child daredevil from the Disney XD cartoon Kick Buttowski.

8. The Sexy Armpit Turns 8 Years Old! – It sounds like a really long time to be blogging but I’ve actually been running websites since the year 2000 which at one time would sound futuristic, but now just makes me a relic! Can you say Geocities?

7. Appeared On The Nerd Lunch Podcast! – It was definitely cool to be a guest on Nerd Lunch. Being on their podcast was a lot different than my former career in rock radio and then doing some podcasting of my own, but it was still a blast!

6. Interviewed By Geof At The Man Cave! – I was able to hang with my friends Geof and Dan at Monster Mania this year and they filmed an interview with me for The Man Cave. I had a lot of fun and it was very cool that they asked me to be on!

5. Oh Yeah, I Wrote Some More Articles – If you liked The Wrestler you should read this. If you were a fan of Macho Man Randy Savage you should read this. If you bought tickets to see Sammi Curr back in the day, read this. Fans of Transformers should read this while fans of G.I Joe might want to read this and this. Finally, if you’re going to take part in the All-Valley Karate tournament, then you might be interested in this.

4. New and Improved Sexy Armpit T-Shirts! – I bought a few for myself! They are available now on Red Bubble right HERE!

3. Interviewed on Star Ledger Live on! – Brian Donohue’s online video show is part of The Star Ledger and and he invited me on to talk about my article Gotham City, NJ? to coincide with the filming of The Dark Knight Rises in Newark.

2. Premiered Two Sexy Armpit Shorts For Our YouTube Channel! Watch Get Sludgey to The Starland and The Sexy Armpit Halloween Special 2011.

1. The Sexy Armpit Got Its Own Theme Song! – Our friends, NJ’s retro inspired rockers Lipstick and Cigarettes whipped up the perfect theme song for our upcoming YouTube series! This list has a lot of cool entries, but like my friend Lori said, “…there’s nothing cooler than having your own theme song!” Click the link to watch the band perform it live!

I’ve Got Cookies Out The Ass!!!

The Official Cookie of The Sexy Armpit

The holidays usually bring about an unusual amount of pie. Do you like PIE? Well call me a savage, but I actually prefer cookies…home baked if I have the choice. Well what do you know, just in time for Thanksgiving, Miss Sexy Armpit surprised me and put a little twist on my favorite cookies of all time and incorporated The Sexy Armpit color scheme into them! My family has always called them Venetian cookies, but they are also referred to as seven layer cookies, and making them is a pretty laborious task. The Sexy Armpit colors gave these cookies that added rush of flavor, even if it was just in my mind. There’s nothing like the official cookie of The Sexy Armpit for the finale of a huge delicious home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner.

Here are a few different links with recipes for these cookies:


Also on the cookie front, a while back on Twitter my good ol’ pal Darius Whiteplume of one of my favorite blogs, Adventures of Nerdliness, tweeted about some Smurf Animal Crackers that he picked up in the store. Even though they are called crackers, they will always be cookies to me. The Smurf movie has since came and went and I think I may have been one of 12 people who actually kind of enjoyed it. My niece and nephew even seemed pretty bored by it when I took them to see it. Meanwhile Darius kept in mind that I mentioned I wanted to try these gimmick animal crackers, but I had a hard time finding them so he sent me a box of both the strawberry and Smurfberry varieties of the cookies. They are actually pretty damn tasty. I’m thinking of crushing them up and putting them in a bowl of milk to try to recreate Smurfberry Crunch. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Thanks to Darius and Miss Sexy Armpit for the surprise treats!

A Little Bit of Jersey in Disney World

photo from 2719 Hyperion

Since I just returned from a trip to Disney World, this is a perfect time to take a look at a very random Disney/Jersey connection. I found it a few months back while absorbing the posts of the 2719 Hyperion blog which deals in all facets of Disney. In one of their Vintage Snapshot posts by Jeffrey Pepper in June 2011, an old photo of a crate reveals that The Sexy Armpit wasn’t the only bit of Jersey in Walt Disney World.

If you aren’t familiar with the Imagineers, they are the bright folks who design the attractions and use psychology to formulate minute details around the Disney theme parks that make the experience so awesome. Occasionally, as Jeff Pepper mentions in his post Vintage Snapshot! – Early Crate Parkeology, the Imagineers like to label random items around the park with Disney references and even little inside jokes. As if there aren’t enough Hidden Mickey’s and other secrets to search for around the park, crates are apparently another popular item to look out for.
The photo above, provided by 2719 Hyperion, shows two crates on the Jungle Cruise circa 1972. Visible in the photo are two addresses written on each crate. The crate on the left says it belongs to Leon Okerman who has an Orange, NJ street address – one that doesn’t even exist on Google maps. I can’t really make out what it says under the address except for the word PAINT in all uppercase letters. The crate on the right is for R.H Jeschke and has an Atlanta GA address that doesn’t exist either. 2719 Hyperion posed the question as to whether this was actually another one of the Imagineers inside jokes or did these two people actually exist? Just another little mystery in Disney World! 

Rest Stop Dedications: The Retroist

In the new column REST STOP DEDICATIONS we don’t just recommend a website we like, 
we dedicate an entire rest stop to them on The Sexy Armpit Parkway!

The FIRST ever Rest Stop Dedication goes out to our friends at The Retroist!

Sure if you want to read like…news and stuff…you can log on to The Economist, but why would you want to do that when you can have a fun filled trip back in time via The Retroist? The Retroist blog has consistently transported me to places I used to go as a kid and has also brought back a ton of memories. In an overcrowded sea of nostalgia blogs, some of which are rarely updated, The Retroist is perched in the upper echelon of its genre. The site is updated daily with everything from commentary on old commercials, news on the latest nostalgic DVD releases, and they even offer a podcast! Plus, the man behind The Retroist grew up in New Jersey! LIKE The Retroist on Facebook!

Take a look back at some choice selections over at The Retroist involving New Jersey:

Jersey Circus

Often there are times when people wonder “where do people come up with this shit?” Many of those times people in my life say that about me. This time, I’m saying it about the highly amusing new blog, Jersey Circus. They’ve enjoyed a lot of press lately, but if you’ve somehow missed it, it’s simple: “…Jersey Shore and Family Circus Come Together.”

The Sexy Armpit’s Guest Post at Strange Kids Club

The ridiculously awesome blog, Strange Kids Club, invited The Sexy Armpit for a guest post! Click the link below to check it out!
In a short time Strange Kids Club has skyrocketed to the top of everyone’s must read blogs, and for good reason. Following in the elite footsteps of sites like X-Entertainment, and Shawn Robare’s Branded in the ’80s, Strange Kids Club will appeal to all of you nostalgia freaks. Join the man behind the blog, Rondal Scott III, for his “horror infused blog of pop culture retro geekdom.” Thanks Rondal!

Honest Scrap Award from Enter The Man-Cave

A big thanks to Geof at Enter The Man-Cave for awarding The Sexy Armpit and several other blogs the Honest Scrap Award!

Geof C. is a really cool guy who writes his posts from his kick-ass man cave. Topics discussed in the Man Cave are movie reviews, sports, and Geof’s personal experiences, among other amusing stuff.
Now it’s my turn to choose 9 other blogs to bestow this honor. It may not seem like a difficult task at first, but considering I read about 480,000 blogs a week, it was a little bit of a challenge.If I didn’t mention your blog that I doesn’t mean I love you any less! Thanks again to Enter The Man Cave! Stop over there and pay Geof a visit! Enjoy your weekend!

Weird Sopranos Quotes @ Adventures in Nerdliness!


Darius Whiteplume over at the scrumptious Adventures in Nerdliness is now featuring “Weird Sopranos Quotes” in addition to his other awesome columns like Hotties of Yore, Nerd Girl of Note, and Fiction’s Finest Nerds. Plan to free up some time in your busy schedule in between football playoffs and Star Wars: The Clone Wars reruns because you’re going to need it!

Best Posts of 2008

The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season impaired my blog consistency. Between Christmas shopping and work I nearly wanted to vomit when I thought of creating quality posts in the last few weeks. I don’t know how some bloggers can post up to 6 times a day when I feel like it’s a fairly big deal to create just ONE well put together post. Well, here’s another classic copout of a blog post: THE BEST POSTS OF 2008! The following is an exhaustively egotistical look at all of my favorite posts I wrote throughout the year, which somehow translates to the “Best Posts.” If you enjoy coming to this site, I appreciate it very much! For new visitors and long time friends, New Jersey is still a mess of swamps, toxic waste, and a ton of pop culture garbage, so have no fear, 2009 will not let you down!