Drive-In and Fly-In Theaters In New Jersey

Richard M. Hollingshead, Jr. (a sales manager at his father’s auto parts company according to Wikipedia) opened the first Drive-In move theater under the name Park In-Theaters, Inc on June 6th, 1933 on Crescent Boulevard in Camden, NJ. Usually each car paid under a dollar for admission, vastly less than the astronomical prices for movies today. You can read the history of Hollingshead and his theater via this link at the History Channel’s website.

The mid-’80s saw the decline of the Drive-In movie theater. Hope is not lost though. Within the last few years the dine-in trend is coming back, so maybe we’ll see the resurgence of the Drive-In theater?

At the height of the Drive-In craze, Newark, NJ had one of the largest Drive-Ins in the country, but things started to get out of hand. In 1948 Ed Brown’s Fly-In and Drive-In opened in Asbury Park, NJ. Planes landed at a nearby airfield and were allowed to taxi to the back row which was designated for planes.Sounds like Disney’s Cars world, doesn’t it? This outdoor theater had space for 500 cars and 25 airplanes. The formula must have proven successful since another generic Fly-In/Drive-In opened in Belmar in the ’50s.

Considering that I’m not a huge fan of the revamped Dine-In theater gimmick, chances are, the Drive-In Theater wouldn’t appeal to me much either. Apparently, many people in my family managed and worked at a drive-in theater in New Jersey for several years and during high school and college I worked at the local theater as well, so I have a unique perspective. Ultimately, I’d rather be on my couch relaxing while watching a blu-ray and sipping some iced tea and chowing down on food that a waitress doesn’t have to interrupt the movie to bring over to me.

If you’re feeling nostalgic and you want to take the fam out for a night at the movies, why not bypass the usual 24-plex and pay a visit to The Delsea Drive-In in Vineland, New Jersey!

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A Little Bit of Jersey in Disney World

photo from 2719 Hyperion

Since I just returned from a trip to Disney World, this is a perfect time to take a look at a very random Disney/Jersey connection. I found it a few months back while absorbing the posts of the 2719 Hyperion blog which deals in all facets of Disney. In one of their Vintage Snapshot posts by Jeffrey Pepper in June 2011, an old photo of a crate reveals that The Sexy Armpit wasn’t the only bit of Jersey in Walt Disney World.

If you aren’t familiar with the Imagineers, they are the bright folks who design the attractions and use psychology to formulate minute details around the Disney theme parks that make the experience so awesome. Occasionally, as Jeff Pepper mentions in his post Vintage Snapshot! – Early Crate Parkeology, the Imagineers like to label random items around the park with Disney references and even little inside jokes. As if there aren’t enough Hidden Mickey’s and other secrets to search for around the park, crates are apparently another popular item to look out for.
The photo above, provided by 2719 Hyperion, shows two crates on the Jungle Cruise circa 1972. Visible in the photo are two addresses written on each crate. The crate on the left says it belongs to Leon Okerman who has an Orange, NJ street address – one that doesn’t even exist on Google maps. I can’t really make out what it says under the address except for the word PAINT in all uppercase letters. The crate on the right is for R.H Jeschke and has an Atlanta GA address that doesn’t exist either. 2719 Hyperion posed the question as to whether this was actually another one of the Imagineers inside jokes or did these two people actually exist? Just another little mystery in Disney World! 

Jersey Devil My Little Pony by Debra “Bee” Rohlfs

Jersey Devil My Little Pony Bee-Chan

Customizing My Little Pony toys is a big thing, and if you don’t believe me just Google it! You will see MLP customs inspired by the likes of Disney, Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, and even Beetlejuice among many others. I had a feeling there might be a custom MLP of The Jersey Devil so I started looking for one recently and discovered a truly kickass version created by artist Debra “Bee” Rohlfs in 2009.

Jersey Devil My Little Pony by Bee-Chan

Exposing it’s ferocious set of spiky fangs, Rohlf’s Jersey Devi is a hairy, horned beast. It’s My Little Pony lineage is barely apparent now. If Falkor the luckdragon from The NeverEnding Story was possessed by Zuul from Ghostbusters this is what it might look like. It’s a brilliant and detailed take on the fabled demon lurking around in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. (All art and photos credited to Debra “Bee-Chan” Rohlfs.)

Jersey Devil by Bee-Chan
Rohlfs aka “Bee-Chan” also has a beautiful original art print of The Jersey Devil 
available via her Deviant Art page. 

The Sexy Armpit Quoted In Film Journal International!

Film Journal International 3/23/2011
The Sexy Armpit quoted in the 3/23/2011 post at Film Journal International

OK, so, I admit that I Googled “The Sexy Armpit.” This fun little activity actually yielded a result worth blogging about. I discovered that Film Journal International quoted some of my thoughts on the new AMC Dine-In Theater that opened in Menlo Park Mall in Edison NJ. Thanks to FJI, because this was pretty damn cool. I give credit to writer Andreas Fuchs for having the bravery to cite The Sexy Armpit in a professional film journal! You can read the whole article HERE.

Here’s the background: Last December I was invited to a preview of the new AMC Dine In Theater that was about to open a few days later. Considering that I worked at this theater for several years I thought it would be interesting to see how it evolved. My post “Dine-In Theaters? AMC Newest Movie Theater Concept” received a ton of hits and people I know actually began to ask me questions about the theater as if I was the authority on it! The funny part was, I only stayed to check the place out. I had no interest in actually eating in the movie theater or experiencing it the way they wanted me to in order to review it.

I maintain that it’s split 50/50 between people who love the idea and those who have no interest. I have no problem commeding AMC for trying something new, even though it’s an idea that has been around for decades, but I’d prefer to chow down and watch movies in the comfort of my own home.

Scarfin’ It with The Armpit: The Shark Fin Inn

forked river,new jersey

When I first stumbled upon The Shark Fin Inn in Forked River, NJ, via a Google search, I doubted that they would actually have shark on the menu. Once I clicked around their website for a little while and studied the menu, I noticed that sure as shit – they have SHARK on the menu! It’s not just a clever name, this place is the real deal.

The Shark Fin Inn offers a variety of selections that were making my mouth water as I looked through the menu. The cuisine is inspired by that of the Caribbean and the Florida Keys. I found myself stuck on the appetizers, especially the Stuffed Avocado: “half avocado stuffed with a lump crab and shrimp salad in a light mayo and seasoned to perfection.” And I’m sure my girlfriend would probably order the Bacon Wrapped Scallops. Hey, what about the SHARK MEAT? Would YOU eat shark meat? I know I love me a fish taco, but a SHARK TACO?

forked river,new jersey
At the Shark Fin Inn, the Shark Bites are definitely NOT fruit snacks.

Seafood isn’t the only thing featured on the menu, for all you seafood haters they offer wings, sandwiches, fried ravioli, ribs, pork chops, steaks, as well as various chicken dishes.

Shark Fin Inn
701 South Main Street Route 9
Forked River, NJ 08731

Whoa, I Wasn’t Searching For All That!

I was simply on a search for some nostalgia on the old Menlo Park Cinema in Edison, New Jersey when a completely unrelated and unexpected result appeared. This wasn’t really what I had in mind:

google,edison,new jersey,menlo park,cinema

I can’t think of anything I’d like to see LESS than erotic photos of Thomas Alva Edison, especially on such a credible site such as “”

NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 36: Bugs Bunny in Atlantic City

Bugs Bunny Atlantic City
WB Bugs Bunny Atlantic City T-Shirt courtesy of eBay member imasin1978
“Ehhh…what’s up slots? That’s probably what our favorite wabbit Bugs Bunny says when he’s gearing up to play in A.C. I wonder if he rubs his own foot before he hits the tables? On the front of today’s t-shirt, Bugs is all duked out in a tuxedo, but when he hightails it down the Garden State Parkway for a weekend filled with booze, hookers, and baccarat, I’m almost positive Bugs dresses like a total schlub as not to attract attention to himself. Remember, not only live action celebrities strive to conceal their identity in public, but you can bet your ass that anthropomorphic cartoon characters do as well.

You might think that Bugs would get mobbed when visiting a casino in Atlantic City, but actually it’s only the tourists that bother him. You see, Bugs is a Jersey boy. I know what you’re thinking right now. “Oh my Lord! Here he goes again, bragging about how everyone is connected to New Jersey!!!” It is true though, aside from the Easter Bunny, the hometown of the most famous bunny of pop culture is Perth Amboy, NJ! If you don’t believe me, start Googling!

Considering he’s a Jersey Bunny, Bugs is no stranger to the ins and outs of Atlantic City. Keeping with the anonymity thing, Bugs rolls down to A.C in his piece of shit 1996 Ford Aspire which he bought new when he received his huge windfall from signing on to star in Space Jam. It turned out to be quite a good investment since no one really ever thinks to look over at a Ford Aspire on the highway to see if an animated rabbit is driving it. The only downside is that it doesn’t drive too fast. While the Aspire plods down the GSP, adjacent in the EZ Pass Express lane, Road Runner meep meeps right passed him leaving Bugs in a cloud of dust digging for change to pay the toll.

Welcome to Atlantic City! Maybe the initials on this shirt should stand for “We’re Broke,” because that’s what many people are saying when they leave, much like this couple:

DAN: “Umm…honey?’
DAN’S WIFE: “Yes Dear?”
DAN: “I’m not sure how to tell you this, but I gambled away all of little Emma’s college money…but I bought this really cute Bugs Bunny shirt with my comp dollars! It’s a little big, but you can wear it to bed!”
DAN’S WIFE: “WHAT?!?! Are you f-cking kidding me?!?! Do I have to call Rocky and Mugsy to fix this? And what in the name of Speedy Gonzales made you think I’d want a freaking Bugs Bunny t-shirt? You know my favorite is Hippety Hopper you broke bastard!”

*If you did any Googling to see if there is any truth to Bugs hailing from Perth Amboy, I commend you. If you didn’t and you simply don’t believe me, then believe this: Bugs Bunny Land resided at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ from 1988 to 2004. Presently, Six Flags Great Adventure features Bugs Bunny National Park in addition to a couple of rides in the Looney Tunes Seaport. So how do ya like them carrots?

New Jersey’s Great Pop Culture Moments Vol. 28: Dennis Miller on WWE Raw

WWE Monday Night Raw has taken a nose dive ever since they started with this special guest host garbage. Grabbing low tier celebs in attempts to surge ratings is a piss poor stunt. Whatever happened to improving storylines, actually training talent instead of just throwing them on TV, and instead of bragging about being the “longest running weekly episodic television show in history,” a factoid they announce ad nauseum, why not prove it on the show? Monday Night Raw used to have literally epic stuff happening. When WWF was ailing in the mid ’90s, before Stone Cold and The Rock brought a big boom back to the wrestling biz, WWF Monday Night Raw was revolutionary wrestling programming. The last few years Raw has plummeted and last Monday’s episode did not help to raise the bar.

You too can be guest host of Monday Night Raw, but only if you have something to promote. Dennis Miller was promoting USA Cares, the non profit group that provides financial assistance to military families, which he’s the spokesperson for. From a programming standpoint, there was no better time to feature Miller on the show since WWE’s Tribute to the Troops airs this week. Also, many viewers watching may be more apt to donate money during the holidays. While I’m on the subject of things unrelated to wrestling, Dennis Miller’s weak shtick was chock full of random, forced pop references. Name dropping Amy Winehouse, Courtney Love, and MTV’s Jersey Shore all in the same joke was kind of a stretch. Half of the fans in the arena in Corpus Christi, Texas that night weren’t even alive when Hole was popular. Now Jersey Shore on the other hand really grabs people.

Miller also made another reference to New Jersey as he sent a dig to Mr. McMahon. Miller said “Vince will be at The Chuckle House this Friday, Route 67 in Paramus New Jersey.” The best thing about New Jersey is that no matter whether it’s Saturday Night Live or WWE Raw, New Jersey almost always provides a winning punchline. I don’t care if we are the brunt of all the jokes because it provides me with more fodder.

If you Google “The Chuckle House Paramus New Jersey,” you won’t find any info on a comedy club in New Jersey. As much the NJ connoisseur that I am, I could not find any info on The Chuckle House. This may have been a comedy club back in the day, or it still operates with absolutely no web presence whatsoever, which is unheard of. Of course, there’s the other possibility that Miller just made this joint up out of thin air. Although, in case you were wondering, Route 67 is a real road in NJ.

Instead of being relevant to the wrestling industry, the guest hosts have been B-list celebs and people who aren’t even connected with the Raw audience. Wouldn’t logic dictate that they should feature WWE HOF wrestlers, managers, valets, and former commentators as guest hosts? I can understand if a celebrity plays into a storyline, but asking a guest host to be on the show just for the hell of it or to get onto more headlines on the Internet is a good ploy, but really f-cking stupid. Since Miller has veered toward politics rather than making people laugh, he seems like an odd choice for guest host. I’m happy they teased the upcoming appearance of Bret “The Hitman” Hart hosting Raw since he’s an icon in the business. That leaves me with only one question: Where the f-ck is Craig DeGeorge?!?!?! Now he’s my choice for guest host!

Chelsea Handler is November’s Garden State Playmate!

Seriously, the last time I watched E! network was when Hal Sparks was doing his short stint on Talk Soup. Usually I’m nauseated by the E! channel and all their newfangled shows they throw on the tube to see if they stick. Hey you there…aren’t you that dumbass show that we all know is going to be cancelled after 6 episodes? A swift thumb up the ass of the channel button on my remote will make you disappear real quick. Personally, I’d rather watch Vipers starring Tara Reid, Corbin Bernsen, and a bunch of mutated snakes than anything on E! That’s how I felt until a few months ago when I first caught an episode of Chelsea Lately on E! and it was actually funny.

When I saw the promos for Chelsea Lately before its premiere a couple of years ago, I just figured Chelsea Handler was another schmucky female TV personality like Meredith Vieira, Dayna Devon, or Mario Lopez. Yeah, you read that right. I’m not going overboard or anything, and I won’t write it in the sky, but I did find Chelsea Handler to be mildly to even moderately entertaining. Now, it’s nothing sexist, so don’t get your panties in a bunch, but statistically speaking, only a select harem of women can make me laugh. Here are a few ladies that I find particularly funny: Kristen Wiig, Ellen Degeneres, Phyllis Diller, Suzy Soro, Abby Elliot, Kerri Kenney-Silver, Anna Lefler, Jane Curtain, Rita Rudner, Michaela Watkins (…bitch please!), Nasim Pedrad, and Rachel Dratch. I’m sure there’s more, but how many of these women can say they have spent time on the NY Times Best Seller list? In March, Handler will release her third book called Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang. Damn that’s a killer title.

To elevate her career that much more, and to make her stock soar with Google Image Search, Handler just recently showed up in Playboy Magazine. As I suspected, she didn’t have the meat curtains to take it all off. Ahh well, all that matters to me is that she’s vocal about hailing from Jersey. Yep, Chelsea Handler’s bio on her official Myspace page confirms that she is the runt of 6 kids and she was “born in Livingston, NJ, to a Jewish father and a Mormon mother.” So a big congrats to Chelsea Handler for attaining the elite distinction of being this month’s Garden State Playmate, it is a title that I don’t throw around nonchalantly. Anyone who can, at the very least, make me smirk, hang out with a mischievous little person (Chuy Bravo), and thwart me from shoving my thumb up the ass of the channel button is tops in my book.

Nocturna Mission #6: The Wandering Bert Collective

The Wandering Bert Collective encompasses the genius works of New Zealand’s David Creighton-Pester. Through the wonders of a Google search and Flickr, I came upon this fantastic illustration of Nocturna! You’ll easily find a million pictures of Wonder Woman or Emma Frost strewn about the Interwebs, but you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere near that amount of Nocturna, and if you do find some, they’ve most likely been scanned and uploaded by me. Naturally I was excited to find this cool illustration of Nocturna, but I was even more pumped to discover all of David Creighton-Pester’s other work! If you consider yourself a Batman fan you NEED to check out his work because he’s drawn nearly every villain in Batman’s rogues gallery. Check out his Batman Villain Project where you’ll see funky illustrations of everyone from Simon the Pieman to Zebra-Man. While you’re there take a look at all of his original art, photography, and graphic design.
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