Halloween 2013 Is Upon Us!

 photo halloween2013_zpsf1c9b040.jpg
Halloween 2013 has a nice ring to it.

Dinosaur Dracula officially ushered us into the Halloween season in a radical fashion at midnight last night. We have arrived, and I’m excited. As Matt at Dino Drac mentioned, we’ve got a while to go before the day we wait for all year. Ultimately, the most fun is in the build-up to October 31st, so let’s revel in it together. Please join me for a Sexy Armpit-style Halloween. This year will feature even more ghastly fun than ever before.

OK, here’s the situation. All throughout September, The Sexy Armpit will be all “Halloweeny,” and then beginning in October I have something extra special for you, and dare I say it, pretty different from what you are used to. I’ve been planning this for a couple of months and I’m hoping you enjoy it. 
What I have up my sleeve for October is still not 100% complete, but I’m working on it each night. It’s more subtle and not the typical Halloween countdown material. If I buy something halloween-themed or I’m doing the usual stuff like that it will most likely be posted in September. 
Since Halloween is so important to me and I’ve been taking part in the countdowns for a long time, it was time that I came to the party with a different approach, and it hasn’t been easy. I’ve ran into a lot of challenges along the way. 
The season inspires me and I want it to reflect in the content I’m delivering here. It’s time for me to take things a bit more seriously and not just f*ck around. This is all very vague, I know. Hopefully it does pique your interest enough to want to come back and check out what I have planned for October 1st. It’s not as much of an in your face October from me as you might expect. After all, there’s only so many reviews of Pumpkin Spice Milk you can do. This October, I want to delve deeper into the season and bring you with me.
For those fellow bloggers reading this, be sure not to burn yourself out. If you’ve been doing the countdown thing for a long time, you know it’s not easy. We have a long stretch. Take a few days off once in a while. Most of us don’t get paid for this so make it fun. Don’t let it become your job. Check out everyone else’s blogs too because there’s clearly a lot of hard work that goes into them and it yields a lot of creativity and entertainment.