The Good Old Balls and Computer Comparison

I’ve always tried to take note of all the times I see something ridiculous on the Internet. Realistically, you and I know that’s a near impossible task since you probably see something completely off the wall every time you go online. Many times the advertisements are the culprits. Who’s writing these attention grabbing masterpieces? They’re definitely getting the job done since this ad pulled me in like a tractor beam. Accomplish it’s task it did, but click on the link I didn’t. Personally, I use this phrase in real life frequently, although not referring to my pc. More like “It’s hot as BALLS in here!” What do you think…are these ads fashioned by SNL writers? Next time you’re online remember to look out for these over the top ads. At the very least you’ll get a chuckle, or a faster PC! lol. I wonder if “Slow as Balls” is a technical term in computer lingo?

Speaking of a PC that’s “slow as balls,” you may notice that The Sexy Armpit may be taking a bit longer to load since the new header is bigger and more bad ass than it used to be. What do you think?