Answer the Batphone, it’s for you!

I’ve been fortunate to have met many idols of mine throughout my life. One of the most fun and memorable of those times was when I met Adam West at a convention. I’m pretty sure this photo was taken in 1995 and my dad secretly snapped a picture of me. The best part about meeting Adam West was that he is still Bruce Wayne/Batman. As a kid I always related Batman to Adam West so it was that much more exciting to get to meet him.

Adam West is a friendly guy and he loves to converse with his fans unlike many TV and movie stars who feel they are too good for us plebians. When I walked up to Mr. West he started pretending he could hear the batphone ringing and he said it was for me! Adam West aka BATMAN was telling me that Commissioner Gordon was on the Batphone and he wanted to talk to me! ME!?!? What could he possibly want with me? In a moment of utter nirvana, Adam West handed ME the Batphone. What a moment. It’s one of those moments that if Vh1 did a “I Love Jay’s Life” special then they would definitely riff on this moment. I bet Michael Ian Black and Hal Sparks would have a ball with it.

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