Gettin’ Whoppy with NEW Whoppers

Nod if you’ve ever experienced Malt-Mouth which is the burning sensation you get inside your mouth after sucking on balls…not just any balls though…Malted Milk Balls. It’s a rare occasion that I actually partake in any malted milk balls, but when I do it’s usually the most popular brand, Whoppers.

If you’re going for it you may as well enjoy the best in it’s class. Think about it, what other malted milk ball comes in a carton? Anything that isn’t milk that comes in a milk carton must be awesome. A candy needs to have a very positive self image and cannot be self conscious in any way in order to display itself on store shelves in a carton. People won’t know what the hell it is. Is it a liquid candy? No silly it’s a carton full of brown balls that you can suck on!

The candy world has been on a rampage lately with debuting new varieties of classic candies. I always think this is a mistake because the new varieties are never as good. Let’s face it peanut butter M&M’s are pretty bad and why do we need them when we can have the original Reese’s pieces? They were good enough for E.T, right?

Whopper Strawberry Milkshake balls came out a few months back. Unfortunately these are light pink and sickeningly sweet. The flavor is pretty accurate but not only did I find that they had an aftertaste, but there were also too many “dud” balls. I’m not talking milk duds here…I’m talking about those bastard balls that weren’t fully processed and taste like burnt corn syrup. If you attempt to bite into these hard, lame balls you’ll see how gross they look. The original Whoppers beat this strawberry variety any day.

Coming up a close second are these new Reese’s Peanut Butter Whoppers. The package enticed me while I was at the checkout counter. I’m so easily sold. The peanut butter variety has the same type of gimmick as the strawberry, only with a flavor more conducive to a malt ball. To make a candy that has been notoriously paired with chocolate forever into strawberry milkshake was a mistake. I was more impressed with the peanut butter but the original remains the best of the bunch. The peanut butter version has a creamy and accurate peanut butter flavor, but like the strawberry version, it’s hard to eat a lot of them because they can easily make you want to vomit.

Trick or Treating with Mr. Mom

The other blogs that have featured Halloween “blogathons” don’t seem to be letting up steam. While they’re continuing to annihilate us with great posts, I’ll feature some mediocre posts for the days leading up to Halloween. I plan on featuring more random Halloween related stuff but I’ve pretty much blown all my good material already. Some of the topics I was geared up to write about have already been beaten to death or I realized it wasn’t that interesting in the first place.

I don’t know about you, but I desperately want to be way more into the Halloween mood but it’s not working! Working for a living really puts a damper on being a kid again. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to watch a bunch of horror movies and get into the spirit.

Above, I posted a moment from one of my favorite movies of all time, Mr. Mom (1983). In this scene, Jack (Michael Keaton) takes his kids out to trick or treat while his wife goes away on business. Jack’s son Alex (Chip on Kate & Allie) is dressed as a cowboy and his brother Kenny looks like a medieval knight. Jack’s wife’s friend Joan (Ann Jillian) is looking foxy as hell and Annette (Miriam Flynn) has a kickass vintage E.T mask on. Even though Mr. Mom isn’t a Halloween movie, I always associated this scene with the holiday because it reminded me of how awesome Halloween was when I was a kid.