Elizabeth Gillies is December’s Garden State Playmate


Santa Claus informed me that he has too many good girls and boys to deliver to this year so he won’t have time to visit The Sexy Armpit. The good news is that he’s dropping off our present early this year. It’s New Jersey native Elizabeth Gillies, one of the stars of Nickelodeon’s Victorious. Don’t get all up in arms…she’s 18.

Elizabeth Gillies Santa's Helper Outfit

Looks-wise, Gillies is reminiscent of a young Lindsay Lohan before the skankiness and the drugs. Lohan starred in the film Mean Girls while Gillies just plays one on TV, but the similarities end there. As bitchy Jade West on Victorious, her goth punk stylings would’ve made me putty in her hand if I was a kid. Jade certainly has an attitude problem, but those blue-green eyes give her a pass. Those colored streaks in her hair, her piercings, tattoos, ohhh…and her fixation for scissors – be still my beating heart!


If you ever catch Victorious, you’ll see that Gillies is cast perfectly in her role and it’s obvious she’s going to become a big star. Gillies also appeared in the 2008 film Harold and some of her other TV credits include The Black Donnellys and White Collar. She grew up in Haworth, NJ and attended Northern Valley Regional High School in Demarest, NJ.

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