NJ Formula 1 Race in Coming in 2014: Red Bull Racing Promo

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3802hjWyurE?rel=0]
A Formula 1 race was slated to hit the streets of North Jersey this year, but it was postponed until 2014. According to the official statement from F-1, it’s on track for next year. The 3.2 mile race will pass through Weehawken and West New York, NJ along the Hudson River. After the initial announcement of the race hit, my excitement was too soon doused with the news of the cancellation. But watching this promo video made by the Red Bull Racing team brings all that excitement back. Grand Prix racing through the streets of New Jersey is just a lot cooler than driving around an oval track for 200 laps. Sorry Nascar!

NJ Hosting 2013 Grand Prix

News broke last week that Formula 1 will be holding their 2013 Grand Prix race in Weehawken, NJ. This tidbit definitely deserved a post, but with Halloween and all the events going on at The Sexy Armpit in the last week, I haven’t had much of a chance to sit and write posts about car racing. My Halloween observance is serious business so I was glad to see that our friend from NJ.com, Brian Donohue, compiled an excellent installment of his show Ledger Live about the auto race. Let’s turn it over to Brian who will take you for a scenic skyline tour of the race route.

Check outĀ Ledger LiveĀ with Brian Donohue, the lucky devil who has my dream job:
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