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Have you ever fantasized about having a real badass car? I know I have. Although it wouldn’t be much fun sitting in the never ending New Jersey traffic. That’s where the Purple Stuff Podcast comes in. In our new episode, Matt and I count down some of the coolest cars in pop culture!

It may sound like an offbeat theme for us, but it’s totally not a stretch. Think about it, we all know what kind of wheels we’d like to be whizzing around town in. Realistically, we can’t really drive around in a car that looks like a dinosaur-corvette hybrid, or a 4×4 with animal paw wheels. Many people require something more practical. Our imaginations ran wild here, fully ignoring gas saving techniques, speed limits, and pedestrian safety.

It’s another nostalgia packed episode. You’ll hear about our memories of cars from our youth, and my affinity for the girlfriend of a mysterious ghost driver with a sleek indestructible car. Fun times. Buckle up, this is going to be a crazy ride! Thanks for listening!

*A PSA: The Halloween Season is almost upon us!

Weinermobile at FDU in Teaneck, NJ

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W45sHfvD-jI?rel=0]
If you’ve been following along this week, I’ve been trying to stick with a car theme. Today’s post combines cars, pop culture, and of course…New Jersey! It’s hard to ignore a giant car shaped like a hot dog and aptly named THE WEINERMOBILE! The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile is legendary and I always wanted to see it driving around but I always miss it. This video posted above is the next best thing. It’s the iconic vehicle’s appearance at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ from 2010. Great video! Give it a thumbs up! Thanks to YouTube user WFDU891.

NJ Formula 1 Race in Coming in 2014: Red Bull Racing Promo

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3802hjWyurE?rel=0]
A Formula 1 race was slated to hit the streets of North Jersey this year, but it was postponed until 2014. According to the official statement from F-1, it’s on track for next year. The 3.2 mile race will pass through Weehawken and West New York, NJ along the Hudson River. After the initial announcement of the race hit, my excitement was too soon doused with the news of the cancellation. But watching this promo video made by the Red Bull Racing team brings all that excitement back. Grand Prix racing through the streets of New Jersey is just a lot cooler than driving around an oval track for 200 laps. Sorry Nascar!