Monstrous “Frankenstorm” May Hit New Jersey

Don’t let this hurricane stress you out. Relax. Have a drink.
“Melancholy Monster” by NJ artist Mike Bell

The media is so lame. They’re like your friend’s parents who always tried to say cool and hip things but they just sounded about 8 months behind the times. If you watch the news and read websites and newspapers you may be buying right into the hysteria. I’m not saying I don’t take weather threats seriously, but do we really need to refer to a killer hurricane as a “Frankenstorm??” That is the dumbest thing ever, way to make a mockery of a storm that has already left 30 people dead in it’s wake. Way to go reporters. You’re spin SUCKS…and Frankenstein rules. By the way, this Hurricane has a first name and it’s Sandy. It just so happens that it’s planning to hit the New York/New Jersey area a day before Halloween. Someone doesn’t want the kids in these areas to have any Halloween fun. Halloween was postponed last year because we had about 5 inches of snow. Did Nostradamus predict any of this shit? The weather needs to stop f*cking with Halloween and the media needs to stop being such morons. If you’re in the NJ/NY area, be safe, be cautious, and don’t panic just because the media is telling you to.