Brock Lesnar Inhales $500 Dollars Worth of Food at Montclair NJ Restaurant

I hate reading TMZ and all the tabloid/gossip sites, but this relates to 2 of my favorite things – New Jersey and Pro-Wrestling!

Brock Lesnar, the monstrous pro-wrestler turned UFC fighter turned pro-wrestler, was just a little bit hungry after Monday Night Raw this week. After tossing CM Punk around the ring area to kickoff a feud between them leading to Summerslam, Brock took his wife, former WWE Diva Sable, to Fresco, an Italian restaurant in Montclair, NJ. The gigantic feast he partook in cost him over $500 dollars, and he supposedly shared only two items with his wife. Below you can read what he ordered.

  • Ahi tuna with asparagus (shared)
  • Margherita pizza (shared)
  • Chicken Parm.with triple-extra chicken
  • Full bowl of parpadelle bolognese
  • Slice of cheesecake for himself