NJ T-Shirt Tuesday Vol.32: Fist and/or Gas Pumping

“We Don’t Pump Our Gas, We Pump Our Fists” & “Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas”
available at www.BurnTees.com
The theme today on NJ T-Shirt Tuesday is Gas. Not the sort that flatulates out of your bowels, but the kind that seems to fluctuate in price all the time. Coincidentally, New Jersey and Oregon are the only states that prohibit pumping your own gas and I’m fine with that. I couldn’t imagine getting out of my car and having to pump my own gas when it’s 15 degrees below zero with the wind chill. Call me spoiled, but the only way I’d be OK with doing such a maniacal thing is if I lived in a warm state. Then when it reaches 96 degrees in the summer and I’m freshly showered ready to head off to some swank restaurant like T.G.I Friday’s, I don’t want to present myself to the hostess beading with sweat. No antiperspirant can contain The Sexy Armpit. So, what do you think? Are you jealous that we don’t even have to leave the confines of our car and attendants are required to pump our gas for us? Or do you feel that NJ and Oregon have a good thing going and all the states should adopt the law? How many people think all states should outlaw guido fist pumping?