NJ Necklace Makes You an Official Guido!


Yes it’s true folks, you only need $185 dollars to become an official guido! Thanks to the mighty Robeast Rollie from Beauty and the Robeast for finding this gold New Jersey charm necklace when doing some online shopping recently.┬áHere’s the mildly humorous description from the Catbirdnyc.com website:

“New Jersey! Wear it with PRIDE! So tiny, and shiny – lends an unexpected refinement to what is not generally known as the home of refined ladies.”

The people who write the item descriptions over at Catbird obviously aced their sarcasm exam. OK, we get the point, they are trying to say that Jersey girls aren’t “refined.” It’s a blanket statement, but if you’ve watched Jersey Shore, then you obviously know that apparently everyone in the entire country is convinced that Jersey girls are SLUTS! And I’m here to tell you that it’s only partly true. You see, most of our girls are slutty, but not official sluts, so there’s a distinct difference! I know what you are thinking, “but Jay, how do we know if a girl is an official slut or just slutty?” Well, the answer to that is simple, and can be determined by a line in Kevin Smith’s Clerks. You are only an official slut if you have matched or surpassed the bar of “sucking 37 dicks.” But you can only be an official guido or complete dork if you actually wear this NJ state charm necklace.