Honeymooning with Tomkat and Taco Bell Cuisine

As Tom and Katie (I refuse to call them Tomkat) get ready for their honeymoon, I am getting ready to straighten up my room. It’s nowhere near as exciting as what they’ll probably be doing. Hell, maybe just to spice my day up I’ll hop up on my bed and start clenching my fists in a manner of sheer joy. I’ll pretend I’m on a talk show and I need to let everyone know how happy I am that I have to do laundry and organize all the shit in my room. That’s reason to celebrate.

Last night I had Taco Bell for dinner. And NO, I didn’t “run for the border,” I just went to Taco Bell. I’m sure Tomkat (ok, it’s easier) would laugh at the fact that a peon like me would eat trash like Taco Bell for a meal. I’ll tell you something, it was really fucking good. It was abnormally good as a matter of fact. I had a chalupa and bunch of other nonsense. What brought it all together was the Mountain Dew Baja Blast. I’ve had this many times before but this time it was so refreshing and I’m not sure why it seemed so much better. It tingled my senses. I hope I don’t get addicted to Taco Bell because then I’ll get fat and I’ll need to start going to Subway to lose weight.