Monique “The Original Gata” Dupree is April’s Garden State Playmate!

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April’s Garden State Playmate is Newark-born actress and model Monique “The Original Gata” Dupree. She’s starred in several films such as Lean On Me, Bachelor Party in the Bungalow Of The Damned, The Skeleton Key 2, and Step Up 3-D. It’s easy to relate to “The Original Gata,” because she loves her kids, horror movies, and even wrestling! For this month’s GSP, The Sexy Armpit presents a special interview with Monique Dupree!

ARMPIT: Hey Monique! You’re an actress, model, and even a singer. You have your hands in so many different projects and it all sounds impossible to keep track of. I forget when I have a freaking dentist appointment! Do you have someone that helps you out? How do you keep your shit together so well? Do you sleep?

MONIQUE: Sleep? What IS that, lol I have a very supportive family and without them, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish a quarter of what I do. Especially my oldest, Monet. That girl is my ROCK.

ARMPIT: So, after 8 children, not many moms are rocking a body like yours, how doooo you do it?

MONIQUE: It’s really hard to get back into shape after each baby. I drink lots of water, watch my diet a bit, and exercise. Sounds easy, but throw that in with everything else and it becomes a magic trick!

newark,actress,new jersey,monique dupree

ARMPIT: When you indulge, what is your favorite thing to eat or snack on?

MONIQUE: GODIVA and Starbucks OMG yes lawd!! lol that’s a dangerous combo right there.

ARMPIT: You had one of the best lines in Bachelor Party in the Bungalow Of The Damned: “So…where can we drop our pom poms?” You seem to have a knack for delivering tongue in cheek lines like that. Do you consider yourself a funny person? Sexy AND funny is a rare combo!

MONIQUE: Actually, I don’t, although I’ve always wanted to do comedy, which I’m finally getting into. I so admire those with uncanny comedic timing.

ARMPIT: I’m a big fan of The Replacements, what was it like appearing in that film?

MONIQUE: It was pretty fun. I’m not a big football fan, but after filming I surely felt like I was.

ARMPIT: You will appear in the upcoming Step Up 3-D. Will you be playing a dancer?

MONIQUE: Yup. I was a dancer in the film. Dancing is hard enough as it is, but having to dance over and over and over AND add dust and wind it was like jeesh!

ARMPIT: Do you ever get sick of having such large breasts? Do you feel like they just get in the way sometimes?

MONIQUE: YES! I’ve actually discussed having a reduction. I know some of my fans would be like WTF, but its really hard on my back. With each kid I have, it seems they grow bigger and bigger. It just doesn’t feel as good as it looks.

newark,new jersey,actress,monique dupree

ARMPIT: Since it’s widely known that you have no qualms about being naked, how do you feel about your kids seeing some of your more naughty film appearances? Are you the type of mom who filters what her kids see?

MONIQUE: I don’t filter my children as long as they have a basic understanding of things that they are watching first. If they see a film that has violence, they know it’s not real. They’ve been on set with me and understand that it’s not real. I speak to my children honestly and intelligently, instead of baby feeding them information so to speak. They understand alot more than we give them credit for.

ARMPIT: At the risk of actually sounding like a mature and credible interviewer, how has the Internet and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter effected your career?

MONIQUE: The Internet hurts and helps at the same time for me. But if you use the networking sites properly, the good will far outweigh the bad.

ARMPIT: As the First African American “Tromette” is there a tidbit that ONLY you can reveal to us about the legendary Lloyd Kaufman?

MONIQUE: Yeah…Lloyd Kaufman is My FATHER! lol, I’m sorry, I just had to do it. No. What you see is what you get with Lloyd. He’s the great man that he appears to be, very knowledgeable and loves the independent arts.

ARMPIT: Did you decide to homeschool your kids because of your own experience in Newark schools growing up?

MONIQUE: Yes and No. I decided to homeschool my children because a few of them are considered to have learning disabilities and the schools’ answer to that was to put them in special education classes because the teachers were already overwhelmed with the student to teacher ratio in the first place. Then to have a child you have to constantly pay extra attention to? I took them out because as their parent, it’s my duty to make sure they get the best education possible by any means necessary. Even if it means killing myself to do it. By the way, teachers are unsung heroes. They have to put up with SO much for so little pay. I admire and respect them. So my decision was not based on the teachers performances. it was based on the way the system has things set up to run…it needs to change.

ARMPIT: On a scale of 1 being completely SUCKY and 10 being Bill and Ted EXCELLENT, where does Corey Booker rate as mayor of Newark?

MONIQUE: I’ll give Corey a 6

ARMPIT: Daamn! Besides you, what’s sexy about New Jersey?

MONIQUE: Lol…ummm Newark!

ARMPIT: Can you recommend some good spots to our readers that you frequent in New Jersey? Any local restaurants, shops, clubs etc?

MONIQUE: I’m a dark girl…I frequent QXT’s in Newark. And Queens Pizza!!!! yeah!! I freaking LOVE their food. That’s real pizza for ya!

armpit note: QXT’s is NJ’s alternative dance club on Mulberry Street in Newark and Queen’s Pizza is on Halsey Street in Newark.

ARMPIT: Cool. Who are some of your celebrity crushes?

MONIQUE: oooo, Well, I have a crush on Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie (ha, that’s funny) Prince, Jeff Hardy, Stephen Baldwin, Lucy Lui, Drew Barrymore and Hugh Jackman.

ARMPIT: You’re in luck Monique, I hear if you donate money to Stephen Baldwin he’s yours for life! Now let’s pretend that The Sopranos is still in production and you have a shot at a role in the series. Out of the following options, which role would you like the most and please give a short explanation of why:

a) A luscious exotic dancer at the Bada Bing club
b) Silvio is still in a coma and you’ll play his hot new nurse
c) Tony Soprano’s deaf masseuse. (a non-speaking role, but moans a lot when Tony has sex with her!)
d) A bisexual girl who Meadow finds herself attracted to

MONIQUE: D …I would so choose D!!! Explanation: have you SEEN MEADOW??? Nuff said

ARMPIT: Haha awesome! A BIG thank you to the lovely Monique Dupree!! Pay a visit to some of her websites: