New Jersey’s Horror Punk Icon: Glenn Danzig

Sure, horror punk icons are awesome, but they’re even more awesome when they’re from Jersey! It’s insane that so many younger people out there are only familiar with Glenn Danzig because of MTV’s heavy rotation of the video for his track “Mother” in 1993. You should be chained to a wall if you weren’t aware that Danzig is the founder and former lead singer of Lodi, NJ’s legendary Misfits. Presently, Danzig is working on a new album and also runs his own record label called Evilive, and the 18 & over comic book company Verotik.


– In 2002, our favorite fast food freaks from the Jersey Shore paid Danzig the ultimate pop culture tribute when he appeared in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode, Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future.

– Yex13’s YouTube channel offers the rare “original” version of Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” video, which features her duet with Glen Danzig. Watch it, especially if you feel like laughing your devilock off.