NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 58: South Jersey Shark Tournament

South Jersey Shark Tournament Tee available at TheĀ South Jersey Marina Web Store

Each year, one of the biggest shark fishing tournaments takes place in the waters near Cape May NJ. In the past few years, winners of the tournament took home prize money in the $300,000 dollar range! Enter next year if you dare, but you have to have a boat, oh…and $525 bucks in registration fees. Instead, why not skip all of the nonsense and frustration of fishing for sharks and just wear the t-shirt commemorating the event like the guy in the picture probably did.

I would have never known there was a shark fishing tournament down in Cape May if I didn’t see this dude walking around a store in Menlo Park Mall. I should have known though, since 2010 marked their 30th tournament! The t-shirt has a badass pirate vibe with two sharks replacing crossbones to form a Jolly Roger, as well as the quote at the bottom: “Ya Gotta Earn Your Bones.” Their official website is www.southjerseytournaments.com.