New Jersey’s Great Pop Culture Moments Vol.53: The Switch


WALLY: “We’ll move out out to the suburbs, huh?”
PAULINE: “OK, umm, New Jersey?”
WALLY: “Great! Easy commute, of course, I have to work a ton to afford that second house. Although that could end up just being an excuse, I might just be hiding from the ever growing tedium of New Jersey drudgery…”

Memories are fuzzy about this weekend. Did I seriously watch The Switch (2010) starring Jason Bateman? C’mon, I expected much more from the most audacious member Hogan Family! His character Wally was too much of a neurotic chicken shit to be honest with his best friend and love of his life Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) that he winds up getting sloshed and hijacks her baby batter. Hey Wally, you can’t just go around dumping her present suitor’s (Nite Owl aka Patrick Wilson) sperm into the sink and replacing it with your own! Man up. And the fact that Diane Sawyer helped you accomplish your mission was quite a desperate measure. Naturally, Kassie takes Wally back in a predictably sappy romcom fashion. Just when you think a movie might be a little more interesting than the average crap: IT’S NOT!