“Reboot, Rebound…”


You’re probably thinking that this post will compare and contrast the finer points of the Canadian CGI cartoon ReBoot that aired in the mid ’90s with Martin Lawrence’s 2005 theatrical tour de force Rebound. I’ll tell you this: You’re completely f’n wrong! This post will merely serve as an update as to what The Sexy Armpit has been up to as of late.

The lack of posting recently is because there’s been so much cool shit going on. I feel like Michael Cera’s character Evan in Superbad. Through all this welcome craziness, I haven’t had much time to write, but now I’m BACK! I didn’t want to make my little comeback without a new look, so take it all in! Breathe in all the noxious fumes! Ahh yes, “Reboot, Rebound…” not only signifies a new look here at The Sexy Armpit but it’s actually a line from The Dirty Pearls newest single “Who’s Coming Back to Who?” available now on iTunes and Amazon via the link below.

If you’re here reading this post and you still haven’t listened to at least ONE Dirty Pearls track then I’ll give you 30 – 60 seconds to create a new tab in your browser and go listen now. Come right back of course!

You’re still here? That means you’re either already aware of the New York City’s reigning kings of rock and roll, or you are just being an obstinate prick. You won’t regret discovering music from The Dirty Pearls, and you better get used to them because you’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the future and SEEING them too. The Dirty Pearls just wrapped up filming their first official music video for “Who’s Coming Back to Who?” and The Sexy Armpit was on location in NYC to capture behind the scenes footage for the making of the video. You’ll see that very soon, but until then I highly recommend you download the track because it’s so addictive that you’ll want to listen to it a bunch of times in a row.

I can’t reveal many details about the actual video yet, but I can say that the performance aspect has an old school rock and roll feel. Bands like The Beatles The Stones, KISS, AC/DC, and mostly all the great rockers have band members with their own distinct personality and look. The Dirty Pearls are bringing that idea to a new generation and their music and image will appeal to fans young and old.

At the helm directing the video was Jasin Cadic, lead singer of Star Killer and co-writer of the upcoming film The Perfect Age of Rock and Roll. I am hereby crediting Jasin and The Dirty Pearls for resuscitating the long forgotten art of the music video. After you see this video you will recall the days of being fascinated by MTV for hours and hours and all they played was videos. Judging from what I saw on the set, “Who’s Coming Back to Who?” restores hope for a full force comeback of stylish and bombastic music videos. Stay tuned!

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