The Dirty Pearls Record Release Party, May 5th 2012


Enchiladas can be eaten all freaking year, so I opted for some Rock and Roll instead. 2012’s Cinco De Mayo, a night usually reserved for chips and salsa and doing tequila shots off muffin tops, will go down as a major milestone for New York City’s prodigious party bringers The Dirty Pearls.

In his writings, Nostradamus once prophesied that there would one day be a mass of people who will experience full-length phonic exhilaration at the hands of five defiled gems. Ages later, actually, as of last night, the prophecy has come true. The five defiled gems Nostradamus spoke of were The Dirty Pearls and the full-length record finally came. Okay so Nostradamus didn’t predict any of that, but lead singer Tommy London has been promising a full length record for quite a long time and now it’s finally available! On Saturday night, the band celebrated the culmination of all their studio work with a huge concert at The Gramercy Theatre. London described the album to the packed house as “…our f*cking Chinese Democracy…but it actually sounds good.” It was a big night for The Dirty Pearls and I didn’t want to be anywhere else.

Not only did I try to squelch my insatiable lust for Mexican cuisine all night, but I was also missing Eli Manning hosting Saturday Night Live. See, Rock and Roll is all about sacrifice my friends…and DVR’ing shit. Only the hard working bands were playing out that night, all the others were stuffing their face with quesadillas and mainlining Patron. All the way across the country, The Black Keys were playing a concert in Sacramento. The Red Hot Chili Peppers were playing in Newark at The Prudential Center, (a venue I’d love to see The Dirty Pearls play at, but one step at a time here) but the most monumental show in the entire country was happening on East 23rd Street in NYC.

My ability to really go out and rock hard has decreased exponentially since entering my 30’s. For instance, my tolerance for annoying people is very low, hence I drove rather than took the train. Cinco De Mayo indicated to me there might be a lot of drunken idiots on the train. It turned out to be the right move because the night began with one of the quickest and most stress free rides into Manhattan I’ve ever driven. Emptying the bladder was first on my to do list, as I said, at this advanced age rocking can only happen after all these details are taken care of. Next, I set up Miss Sexy Armpit, our friend Lori, and myself up with a beer. As we caught the tail end of Ariana and The Rose’s last song, we found ourselves in an overwhelming predicament. I stood in a crowd of people and Miss Sexy Armpit’s gaze was fixated on the rows of stadium type seating in the back of the theatre. We were now faced with a huge decision. Do we completely lose our credibility and get our rock licenses revoked by sitting in those seats like a bunch of geriatrics? When the opportunity presents itself, we usually choose seats. Unless it’s Gwen Stefani and she might have her crotch in my face.

Even with all the local bands that I talk to on a regular basis, I had not heard of Liquid Blonde, one of the bands on the bill. They seemed to have characteristics like Powerman 5000 and Orgy. Their look is a little bit futuristic/punk while their sound incorporates electro type beats with heavy rock. Maybe there’s a rap-rock revival on the horizon because a couple of their songs had that vibe. I just Googled them as I write this and see that their tag line is “Electro-Sci-Fi Rock Orgy” so I wasn’t far off. Their drummer is jacked bigger than any of the WWE Superstars and I think they had a topless keyboardist, so there’s that.

The “Super-Moon” was supposedly out on Saturday night, but it was Star Killer that stole its thunder. The band, lead by Jasin Cadic, exploded onto the stage bringing their usual madness. They tore it up with all their tracks from their EP and then some including “As The Sky Is Falling” “Out of Range,” “Too Wrong” and “Picture Perfect.” The winning element to Star Killer’s songs is their ability to transport you to another world. You really get the feeling you’re in some sort of apocalyptic planet when listening to their music. Cadic’s enigmatic style and the aura that the band evokes is almost haunting and resonates in your mind long after their performance is over.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any weirder. It’s not often that you see one guy come out with no band and no crazy lights and merely sing along with a backing track. Whether it’s budgetary or just the way he wants to present himself, Breedlove made a statement. You don’t need all the glitz, you just have to sound great and be original. During his impressive vocal set, the long-haired, bespectacled free spirit Breedlove mentioned that it’s not all the time that he can get a gig as grand as opening for The Dirty Pearls at Gramercy. Pull up his song “I Never Had” and you’ll hear what Breedlove is all about.

As evident on the bill that night, there’s quite a scene going on in the lower parts of Manhattan. A pretty large chunk of credit for that needs to go to The Dirty Pearls who have no problem welcoming fellow bands and singers into their world. During the show, the ‘Pearls frontman Tommy London mentioned that they are all about mutual respect and helping other bands in the scene. Recently, London started up his own label, Rivington Records, which will be spotlighting bands from the New York scene and beyond. 

As far as performances go, I never expect anything less than the best from The Dirty Pearls. They pour with intensity, it’s as if they actually run on “Caffeine and Gasoline” (track 3 on Whether You Like It Or Not, in case you were curious). Marty E., Dougie, Tommy, Sunny and Tommy London ripped through all their staple tracks including “New York City Is a Drug,” “Sucker For a Sequel,” “Static,” “Luvsikluv,” “Whether You Like It Or Not,” and of course “Who’s Coming Back To Who.” After many promises from London about the album having no ballads, they relented and threw in “You Got Me Where You Want Me” at the last minute. As a dude who switches off his brain when bands perform ballads, I was enthralled by how cool this track is. I even fired up my Zippo lighter app on the iPhone. At one point soon after Tommy London thanked everyone for being there and mentioned that he read on his Twitter feed that there were people in the crowd who came from as far as Berlin, Germany and even…NEW JERSEY hahaha!!! Those of us from across the river appreciate the shout out!

For the long time fans they threw in a medley of some old school ‘Pearls tracks like “Rockstarlivin’, “Hollywood La La La,” and one of my all-time favorites “Gimme, Gimme.” After their set was over, fans in the crowd resoundingly chanted “ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG,” and The ‘Pearls did not disappoint. They indeed came back to give us one more, but it wasn’t theirs. They performed a cover that was indicative of what they were feeling at that moment and that was Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion.”

All these paragraphs aren’t enough to express how perfectly The Dirty Pearls capture the raw emotion of rock and roll. If Elvis is The King, Frankie is The Chairman of the Board, Bruce is The Boss, then The Dirty Pearls head up New York City’s Department of Rock and Roll in the 5th Precinct.  

The Dirty Pearls first full-length record Whether You Like It or Not is available HERE

The Dirty Pearls Record Release Party on 5/5

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The Dirty Pearls and the Official Cinco De Mayo Party Commission have come to an exclusive agreement to combine the two most powerful forces in partying into one huge mega event. Cinco De Mayo is cool, and yes, you’ll most likely be on an alcohol fueled bender, but the only way to experience both the supreme 5th of May style drunkenness AND The Dirty Pearls LIVE in person that night is to have tickets to their first ever record release party on May 5th, 2012 at The Gramercy Theatre in NYC.

As much as I considered my solo marathon of all 6 Star Wars movies in 2010 complete with nonstop food, drinks, and snacks to be one stellar bash, THIS will literally be the party of the century folks. Drinks and ROCK! As old as rock and roll is, The Dirty Pearls make it sound completely fresh and new. They’ll be celebrating the release of the first ever full length album, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, that we’ve been anticipating for a long time here at The Sexy Armpit! Cannot wait to get it on my iPod!
Opening for The Dirty Pearls is Star Killer, and the show will also feature Hussle Club, Ariana and The Rose, Liquid Blonde and more special guests! Tickets are selling fast, but you can follow the directions above to get yourself 2 tickets to the show courtesy of best damn rock and roll band in New York City: The Dirty Pearls!!! If you don’t want to wait then get your tickets NOW via this link!
Gramercy Theatre
127 E. 23rd Street
New York, NY

Who’s Going To The Dirty Pearls Video Premiere Party?


After receiving a record amount of entries for any contest ever held here at The Sexy Armpit, one lucky winner will be receiving tickets to see The Dirty Pearls video premiere party at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC! The winning entry was determined by its creative merit, and if it offered that extra oddball flavor that appeals to The Sexy Armpit so much. If you did not win, that doesn’t mean that your entry wasn’t a good one, it just means that the winner went above and beyond to create an extremely insane and dirty entry. The winning entry was coherent and was based on real life events as well.
Her entry managed to incorporate Jizzy Pearl, RATT, Faster Pussycat, Six Flags Great Adventure, a couple of lewd sexual situations, and a big stuffed zebra. Although I can’t reprint the whole entry here, it was highly amusing and deserving of the WIN! We’ll see you at the show Brittany! And thanks to all of the participants!
– The Dirty Pearls Performing Live and premiering 2 brand new music videos!
– Also Stark Killer, Panize, and Sweet Fix in concert
– Hosted by Penthouse Pet Justine Joli
– Other Special Guests

STAR KILLER: Savoring Their Surge of Success

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STAR KILLER Photo by Coco Alexander (L to R): Lou LaRossa, drums – Steve Perlmutter, bass – 
Jasin Cadic, vocals – Rob Hayder, guitar – Ian Krier, guitar 

Have you ever been invigorated by a feeling of accomplishment when you get a lot done in a really short amount of time? It’s a feeling that New York City’s ultimate industrial rockers Star Killer are extremely familiar with. Progressing at a breakneck speed, it’s as if the band has taken a quantum leap, except Scott Bakula’s not at the forefront, it’s NJ born lead singer Jasin Cadic, who I spoke to recently upon hearing the news of their upcoming tour. “It’s a combination of luck, talent, and a lifetime of networking and connections all coming together at the right moment” said Cadic. Star Killer will now be moving full throttle into a tour with CombiChrist.

Any band that has formed within the last couple of years would kill to be in Star Killer’s boots right now. And although they are savoring these moments, Cadic mentioned that it isn’t without added stress and responsibilities. For many rock bands, it’s admirable to write a “To Do” list, but sometimes it’s futile. In fact, I can probably tell you that most of them read like this: 1) Rock really hard 2) Get Super famous 3) Get crazy drunk with Lemmy 4) Bang a bunch of groupies. Well, I guess if you’re going to have a to-do list that would be a better jumping off point than some bands start out with. I’ve seen bands come together, fantasize about stardom, practice a lot, but yet never even make it to the stage. In Star Killer’s case, merely their 7th live show will be on a tour in support of CombiChrist, one of the most eminent electro-industrial bands. CombiChrist, who will be promoting their latest work “Throat Full of Glass,” share a similar musical vibe with Star Killer which is credited to the bands roots.

This tour is reminiscent of Han Solo running into Lando on Cloud City as it reunites Cadic with old friend and former band mate Combi’s drummer, Joe Letz. Several years ago Cadic and Letz started their first serious band, Handful of Dust. Cadic told the Sexy Armpit that Letz is still one of his closest friends and that the tour “reunites us in a musical setting which is very full circle and exciting.” (Guitarist Rob Hayder of Star Killer was also in Handful of Dust for a number of years as well) Cadic expressed his appreciation for CombiChrist having Star Killer on the tour: “We are very fortunate and lucky that CombiChrist has given us this amazing opportunity. Combichrist is one of the best industrial bands out there today, bands would kill to be on this tour, and we don’t take that lightly. We plan on giving it all we got on this tour.” After their tour with CombiChrist ends, Star Killer has responded to the demands of their fans by setting up a few more big New York shows.

Their debut EP featuring the single “As The Sky Is Falling,” has been downloaded in the U.S, and around the world. Their first live show was not your average rock gig. Star Killer debuted at the House of Blues in New Orleans on Halloween 2010 at the world’s most badass Halloween party, The Endless Night Vampire Ball. After the overwhelming response from that show generated a positive buzz, packed shows in New York and New Jersey soon followed. From there, it’s like they’ve been accelerating to ludicrous speed with no sign of slowing down. I asked Jasin if they were ready for the rocket ride and he replied, “Myself and Star Killer are ready for whatever the future holds, no matter how big, I say bring it!” Check out the CombiChrist tour with STAR KILLER on Wednesday, May 4th at Irving Plaza in New York City.

Star Killer’s diabolical sounds of cosmic chaos are not only a favorite here at The Sexy Armpit, but they have also been embraced by Brian Basher at Hard Rock Nights Radio, The Metal Mish, as well as other college radio stations around the Tri-State area. Tune in and ask them for more Star Killer!

Can’t stand that you only have 6 songs by Star Killer? Well, you have two options. Head over to their Reverb Nation page right now and check out an exclusive track “Echoes and Amputations,” a track not on their EP. Or you can wait patiently until their follow up CD gets released. Jasin Cadic has confirmed that Star Killer will be returning to the studio this summer. More music from Star Killer is on the way!

CombiChrist with STAR KILLER Tour Dates
5/2 Norfolk VA             Norva
5/3 Baltimore MD         Bourbon Street
5/4 New York NY        Irving Plaza
5/6 Worcester MA         Palladium
5/9 Detroit MI                Harpo’s
5/11 Minneapolis MN    Ground Zero
5/16 Portland OR           Hawthorne Theater
5/17 Sacramento CA      Ace of Spaces
5/19 Santa Ana CA        The Galaxy
5/22 Phoenix AZ            Nile Theater
5/23 Albuquerque NM    Sunshine Theater
5/24 El Paso TX              Club Peoria
5/25 Lubbock TX            Jakes
5/26 Dallas TX                South Side Music Hall
5/27 Houston TX             Numbers
5/28 San Antonio TX      White Rabbit
5/30 Jacksonville FL        Jack Rabbit’s
5/31 Orlando FL              Club Firestone
6/1 West Palm Beach FL Respectable Street
6/2 Tampa FL                  State Theater
6/3 Spartanburg SC         Ground Zero
6/4 Atlanta GA                Masquerade

“Reboot, Rebound…”


You’re probably thinking that this post will compare and contrast the finer points of the Canadian CGI cartoon ReBoot that aired in the mid ’90s with Martin Lawrence’s 2005 theatrical tour de force Rebound. I’ll tell you this: You’re completely f’n wrong! This post will merely serve as an update as to what The Sexy Armpit has been up to as of late.

The lack of posting recently is because there’s been so much cool shit going on. I feel like Michael Cera’s character Evan in Superbad. Through all this welcome craziness, I haven’t had much time to write, but now I’m BACK! I didn’t want to make my little comeback without a new look, so take it all in! Breathe in all the noxious fumes! Ahh yes, “Reboot, Rebound…” not only signifies a new look here at The Sexy Armpit but it’s actually a line from The Dirty Pearls newest single “Who’s Coming Back to Who?” available now on iTunes and Amazon via the link below.

If you’re here reading this post and you still haven’t listened to at least ONE Dirty Pearls track then I’ll give you 30 – 60 seconds to create a new tab in your browser and go listen now. Come right back of course!

You’re still here? That means you’re either already aware of the New York City’s reigning kings of rock and roll, or you are just being an obstinate prick. You won’t regret discovering music from The Dirty Pearls, and you better get used to them because you’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the future and SEEING them too. The Dirty Pearls just wrapped up filming their first official music video for “Who’s Coming Back to Who?” and The Sexy Armpit was on location in NYC to capture behind the scenes footage for the making of the video. You’ll see that very soon, but until then I highly recommend you download the track because it’s so addictive that you’ll want to listen to it a bunch of times in a row.

I can’t reveal many details about the actual video yet, but I can say that the performance aspect has an old school rock and roll feel. Bands like The Beatles The Stones, KISS, AC/DC, and mostly all the great rockers have band members with their own distinct personality and look. The Dirty Pearls are bringing that idea to a new generation and their music and image will appeal to fans young and old.

At the helm directing the video was Jasin Cadic, lead singer of Star Killer and co-writer of the upcoming film The Perfect Age of Rock and Roll. I am hereby crediting Jasin and The Dirty Pearls for resuscitating the long forgotten art of the music video. After you see this video you will recall the days of being fascinated by MTV for hours and hours and all they played was videos. Judging from what I saw on the set, “Who’s Coming Back to Who?” restores hope for a full force comeback of stylish and bombastic music videos. Stay tuned!

*Remember, you still have time to enter The Green Hornet Toy Giveaway which ends this week. More info here.

Star Killer Causes a Stellar Explosion in Newark


Crime was the least of my worries on Saturday night as I ventured to QXT’s in Newark NJ to check out the NYC industrial metal band Star Killer in their first official New Jersey appearance. Lead singer Jasin Cadic grew up in New Jersey, so putting on a show for us here in his home state was a priority.

For over 20 years QXT’s has been the only club in the area where you could hear new wave, goth, 80s, industrial, and punk all in the same venue. As a lifelong Jersey resident, one of the reasons why I never went to the club wasn’t because of the crime in Newark, it was mostly because I doubted that I’d fit in. I listen to the genres of music that their DJ’s spin but visually I always figured I’d have to show up looking like I was the lead singer in a Cure cover band. But, upon hearing that Star Killer would be playing a show at QXT’s I threw all my apprehensions out the window because I knew I had to see them live. For months and months I’ve been listening to their EP (which is available HERE for a limited time free of charge) on my iPod and looking at a few videos from YouTube of shows that went down elsewhere. It was New Jersey’s time to feel the power of Star Killer live, and damn it was a spectacle.

I was in luck, it was superhero night at QXT’s. Glowing lights drenched the scantily clad Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy who were dancing all up on each other. It seemed like a typical night for them, although there was no trace of Batman anywhere. There were other girls dressed as characters from the film Kick-Ass as well as a couple of female Robins too. Holy supertight latex Batman!

As we arrived at the bar I noticed our female bartender’s costume. “Black Spiderman, right?” I asked her. “NO! VENOM!” she snapped back at me dumbfounded that I didn’t know who she was supposed to be dressed like. The Sexy Armpit cut her some slack and decided that her blood wasn’t made up of geekoglobin like mine and she was probably unaware of the origin of Venom. When she bought the costume I’m sure it said “Sexy Venom Costume” because every costume for a girl is “Sexy,” but this one really looked more like your basic black Spiderman costume from Secret Wars. Too confusing for untrue believers. Nevertheless, she was completely attentive and appreciative of her tips. My partner in crime for the night, Money Marc and I hung out and soaked in the scene until Star Killer finally stormed the stage.

Just before it was announced that the band was about to go on there were a few people who trickled out to the offshoot rooms in QXT’s. They really missed out because Star Killer stunned the crowd. For those in attendance who stayed to check them out, it was obvious from their banging heads and lots of crowd feedback that they liked what they were witnessing.

Star Killer’s aggressive onslaught of industrial metal featured songs that are immediately memorable and always get me pumped such as their single “As The Sky Is Falling.” As he introduced the song, singer Jasin Cadic even gave a shout to The Sexy Armpit for being big supporters of the band which was pretty f*cking awesome of him. The stage was lit up with green lasers and blue and red lights as Star Killer tore into many songs from their EP as well as an incredible cover of Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself For Loving You.” If you are as unsure about getting into a new band as I was about heading to QXT’s, get over it and download their EP now! Star Killer will definitely appeal to hard rock and metal fans, especially those who are into Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and Korn. Click Here for our full review of Star Killer’s debut EP 


The Sexy Armpit’s Top 10 Bands of 2010

One of The Sexy Armpit’s favorite things to do is to check out local bands since they are usually more interesting and put on a better show than the majority of bands who just sit on their mounds and mounds of cash and feel like they can go out and play the same show and same setlist that they’ve been doing for 10 years. People pay for tickets to concerts so they deserve a KICK-ASS show in return. The following bands were chosen by The Sexy Armpit under 2 conditions: 1) they hail from NJ or NY 2) their music is not boring 3) the band puts on an awesome show. This begins our annual NYE countdown of The Sexy Armpit’s Top 10 Bands of the Year!

10. Rapid Fire – F*cking METAL. That is all. They will permanently freeze your fingers into devil horns. Now for the kicker – these dudes are in high school. I was still playing with action figures in high school.

9. The Sexy Heroes – A fun pop-punk type band out of Saddle River, NJ who wears neon firefighter pants at all of their energetic shows. Almost a shoe-in to be the next band that you’re teen daughter will be obsessed with.

8. Natasha Komis – My iPod is chock full of chick rock and Natasha Komis is a nice addition to the playlist. This young Jersey girl has left her appearance on Paris Hilton’s My New BFF behind and is rocking like Joan Jett for the 2k generation. You can get her stuff on iTunes.

7.  The Deafening – Raw hard rock out of New York City. Lead singer Coco Caine’s vocal range soars into the stratosphere while the band gives you a bad case of rock neck. Also on iTunes.

6. The Fletchers – Infectious indie rock out of Highland Park, NJ. Read our review HERE.

5. Those Mockingbirds – I saw them open for the now defunct God Loves a Challenge at Maxwell’s in Hoboken. I picked up their CD after the show and dug it. I see them gaining national attention in the future. This year, make sure you check out one of their lively shows around NJ and PA.

4. Lipstick and Cigarettes – Still considered new on the scene, L and C sounds like they’ve been around for a while…ohhh, say since 1983? This NJ rock band combines modern elements of bands like The Killers, with the classic new wave sounds of The Cars. After my first L and C show I knew most of the songs by heart and I was singing them for the rest of the night. Their album is available on iTunes.

3. Star Killer – Their hard, industrial brand of rock may not be for housewives or Tony Bennett fans, but Star Killer has landed and brought with them a very fresh and exciting sound that combines elements of Nine Inch Nails, Korn, Marilyn Manson, and P.O.D. Lead singer Jasin Cadic grew up in Edison, NJ and has also starred in The Perfect Age of Rock and Roll. Their EP is available for FREE for a limited time so get your ass to their website.

2. Scarlet Carson – It’s been a long time since our state has had it’s own rockers. I’m not talking about, Bruce, Bon Jovi, or Gaslight Anthem…I’m talking about the glory days of metal, hair bands, and excessive rock, i.e. Motley Crue. It was all about living the rock and roll lifestyle, drinking, and playing shows that made the audience want to fist pump – NOT Jersey Shore style, but because the music simply ROCKED. That’s what these guys are all about and they sum it up as “Dirty Jersey Rock and Roll.”

1. The Dirty Pearls – It’s already been several years since I first saw The Dirty Pearls live and I knew from that moment that they were the only band in recent times, perhaps since Buckcherry, to grasp what rock and roll is all about. If you’ve never heard of the reigning kings of New York City rock and roll, you will when they release their first official full length album, Whether You Like It Or Not in Spring 2011. All you silly-ass Nickelbacky bands and Daughtry soundalikes should go crawl into a hole because there’s about to be a gigantic, sleazy, sexy, hard rock explosion so get the f*ck out of the way!

STAR KILLER Strikes With Intense New EP


All of a sudden I had an ominous feeling overcome me while listening to Star Killer‘s debut EP. Much like in the TV series V or the film Independence Day, there’s a foreboding sense that these New York rockers are warning us that their approach is imminent. Of course there’s not actually a UFO looming over my town, but listening to Star Killer’s music feels just as monumental.

Packing a futuristic tone in freight, Star Killer’s sound soars into the outer rim. Star Killer’s approach to rock and metal creatively infuses aspects of Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Korn, P.O.D, and industrial bands like KMFDM. Allow me to go more in-depth with each song, meanwhile, download your very own EP for your iPod here for free.

“As The Sky is Falling” is the powerful, mind probing opener. The song rises with a blaring scream followed by driving guitars mixed with ethereal sounds. The beautifully layered vocals and background vocals recall Depeche Mode. There’s a cinematic quality to Star Killers’ tracks and it’s no coincedence that lead singer and Edison NJ-born, Jasin Cadic, also co-wrote the screenplay to the film The Perfect Age of Rock n Roll. So, if Mad Max 4 is looking for a soundtrack, Star Killer is the band for the job.

Similarly, the chugging bass and guitars evoke revenge and desperation on “Out of Range.” The track features a mesmerizing chorus that is like an amped up, modern day “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd. My favorite track, “Too Wrong,” is soaked in an up tempo alien plasma surrounded by industrial sounds, grinding guitars, earth shattering drums, and a danceable beat. The guitars are like a runaway locomotive in the tanked up mosher “Picture Perfect.” With it’s tremendous bassline and Cadic’s venomous vocals, this track is highly combustible.

For the last track I found myself marching around my room to the intro of “The Hunt.” If you weren’t planning on trying to kill a T-1000, you will be after you hear this song. It’s pulsating beat will have you running toward the nearest inter dimensional portal. Stick around for the whispering conclusion, it’s really creepy.

The explosive element of the songs on the Star Killer EP might very well be the product of caffeine. We had the chance to speak with Cadic and he stressed to us the importance of coffee in the studio while recording: “…some nights the coffee intake was definitely on the unhealthy side,” he joked.

We also asked Cadic what he was listening to on his iPod during their time in the studio and he was more than happy to oblige. If you’re curious to know how Star Killer managed to slide in some infectious beats in the songs, they may have been under the influence of Kanye’s 808’s and Heartbreak. Cadic balanced it out by citing Black Light Burns’ Cruel Melody, and one of his favorites of all time, Killing Joke’s 2003 self titled album with Dave Grohl on drums.

Star Killer is very much a collaborative effort between it’s 4 members, all of whom are close friends and have previously worked together. They recorded this adamantium assembly of tracks at their own studio as well as Jupiter 4 Studios in Rockaway, New York. All songs were written, produced, and mixed by Star Killer, with engineer Steve Schalk. Much like how KISS created the band they dreamed of seeing, Cadic is proud of Star Killer and considers them the band he would “…be at every show for and buy every album they release.”


Download their FREE EP and stay tuned to their official site
Follow them on Facebook
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