NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 78: Coaster Hero

Coaster Hero T-shirt
Coaster Hero T-Shirt from Six Flags, Great Adventure

You should only be allowed to wear the Coaster Hero t-shirt from Six Flags Great Adventure if you’ve rode every roller coaster in the park. But what if you can’t make it to Jackson, New Jersey to even attempt that sinuous feat? Well, technologically we’re probably not far away from having a video game chair in our homes that can simulate the same thrilling feeling of a roller coaster. Years ago, games like Sim Coaster and Roller Coaster Tycoon gave us the chance to design our own virtual coasters. Now that we’ve moved well passed Windows 95, who knows where technology will bring us? Rocking out with Guitar Hero for the past several years has been quite a trip so maybe we’ll be able to buy a game that lets us “ride” any coaster in the world in the comfort of our own homes. Or does The Sharper Image have that already?

Come back tomorrow for our thoughts on the new Green Lantern Roller Coaster at Six Flags!