The Sexy Armpit Theme Song Is Soooo Sexy!

Lipstick and Cigarettes Premiered The Sexy Armpit Theme Song LIVE on 11/4!

If asking a band to write a theme song for you sounds like an egotistical stunt, it probably is. But in the case of The Sexy Armpit, we needed an original theme for the intro of our upcoming YouTube show.  I had a very specific sound in mind and when I approached one of our favorite NJ bands, Lipstick and Cigarettes, during one of their rehearsals (wearing a ski mask and a gun in hand), first they were alarmed, but they grew very receptive to my scheme.

Lipstick and Cigarettes played a show at Frankensound Studios in North Brunswick on Friday night November 4th and they mentioned that they would have a little surprise in store for us. As a little preview to the final recording, L and C premiered The Sexy Armpit Theme Song LIVE! Check out the video above!