Christmas 2015

This year it seemed like Christmas didn’t pack the wallop that the immense holiday usually does. Collectively, many of my friends on social media have confessed to not being into the holiday spirit this year. At least for me, it’s hard to come close to the highs of our Halloween celebration, but, just because it was an off year doesn’t mean we can’t at least wing it! I still listened to Christmas tunes all month long, ate several indulgent meals, and got a bunch of cool gifts. Since you probably don’t need to hear about my ingestion of 14 pounds of eggplant parmigiana and the scraps from my mother’s ridiculously good rainbow cookies, I’ll tell you all about some of the kickass stuff that magically appeared under my Christmas tree this year.


I only asked Santa for one thing this year and that was The Flash action figure based on the CW TV series. I adore this show and for some reason haven’t had the chance to pick up this figure yet. I wanted to leave at least one thing for Christmas that I didn’t pick up myself already. Having my very own Flash figure from the show will make the wait until the new episode premieres a little more bearable. The Batman Night Light was a surprise and it is freaking awesome. This is a night light that projects the Bat-signal! As if that wasn’t cool enough, it has a sensor that turns itself on when it gets dark and off when it senses daylight. Incredible! Deep into superhero geek overload and it’s only the beginning!

paigedecalWWE’s PAIGE and iTUNES

Not only is Paige my favorite WWE Diva, but in her tenure in the company she’s skyrocketed to become one of my favorite female Superstars of all time. This removable decal, a stocking stuffer from Miss Sexy Armpit, was right up my alley. In case you were wondering, I DID get asked “Where am I gonna stick it?” And a question like that only has ONE answer: “On my face!” That verbal exchange did happen at the dinner table, but Paige on my face was of the utmost importance. Also in my stocking were a bunch of iTunes gift cards. These are the absolute best gift for me because it allows me to get any TV show, movie, or album that I want. I have quite a few things on my wish list so I’ll be a happy camper with a shit ton of media to consume in the coming weeks.

MustangMach1MUSTANG MACH-1

My favorite car of all time is the 1971-1973 Mustang Mach-1. This is my dream car. It doesn’t have the same following as other muscle cars of the ’70s, but this one has personality. My father knows me well and he ordered this ’71 die-cast model for me. Little gifts like this go a long way because it shows that loved ones do remember little details about the things you like. In my case, these things are usually pretty obscure. You can’t really find a model like this in your local Target, but they are prevalent online.


Since my favorite hoodie of all time is on life support (it looks like Freddy Krueger got a hold of it) Miss Sexy Armpit’s mom has been on the lookout for a new one for me. She found one that doubles as something I can wear as a regular hoodie, or when I’m on the rooftops patrolling Gotham late at night. This thing is unique because of it’s design, but even better is the fact that it’s super soft and comfortable. Comfort is important because after all the crimefighting that I do, I tend to pass out on the couch with my hoodie on. Obviously, I’m a crazed Bat-fan, so this gift works on many levels and it also pairs perfectly with my batsignal night light.

My Aunt and Uncle got the Darth Vader puzzle for me and they were worried that I might not like it. To me, if it’s Star Wars related, then I automatically like it. Plus, I haven’t put a puzzle together since I was a kid, so I’m thinking that this will be a fun and calming activity. Who the frig needs a meditation chamber like Darth Vader when you can put together a puzzle of Vader himself!


My entire wardrobe is comprised of literally a thousand t-shirts. In fact, I’m going to have to move out and find a new place because my t-shirts need more space. What’s great about t-shirts is that they make awesome Christmas gifts and it’s easy to find them at places like Target, Wal-Mart, and Kohls. Some of the ones I received include Superman, Goonies, and I even gifted some Star Wars shirts to myself this year.


Not all my gifts this year fell into the fanboy category, some were practical. The first time I used this pineapple pumpkin foaming hand soap it was so delightful that I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be washing my hands with it or icing a cake with it. This stuff is amazing. It smells delicious and everyone knows that I’m a sucker for a pleasant foaming hand cleanser. The Poo-Pourri was also courtesy of Miss Sexy Armpit. This is a spray that you spritz into the toilet before you do your business and it’s supposed to eliminate the odor. I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t give a testimonial quite yet, but we shall see.

In previous years I might have presented a list of gifts double of what you’ve read here. Nowadays, as I’ve gotten older, Christmas is more about just hanging with the family and appreciating all the good things…and eating way too much. Still, I very much appreciate everyone seeking out gifts that screamed “The Sexy Armpit.” It was another great Christmas and I hope you all enjoyed yours as well! Please let us know some of your favorite gifts this year in the comments!



Although I still look forward to celebrating New Years Eve, Matt and I put a cap on the holiday celebration by attempting to play Yahtzee with Matt’s friend Larry the torso. Needless to say, things got COMPLETELY out of hand. You might think I’m exaggerating a little bit, but, NO. We played a few rounds where we added in some low stakes betting and in no time Larry started to lose his shit. He went ballistic when he started to lose. He was throwing snacks everywhere and money was flying around the room. He was about to flip the table until we literally had to physically restrain him. All I have to say to Larry is that – it’s not over, not by a long shot! Next time it won’t be Yahtzee either…it will be charades or ’80s Trivial Pursuit!