Atomic Food Containers – Perfect for Leftover Eaters in New Jersey


You know those catalogs that come in the mail that feature every variation of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story? It turns out that the What On Earth catalog is one of them. They also feature a whole lot of other junk you’ll probably never use, but sure looks damn cool while you’re thumbing through the catalog. Doesn’t everyone need a silky Rocky Balboa robe just like the one he walked to the ring in? You can recreate his bout against Clubber Lang only in a much crappier way. Your bed can be the ring and your pillow can be Clubber Lang. (Not that I’ve ever had any experiences similar to that or anything, I’m just saying) I don’t think “boxing buddies” ever existed to compete with “wrestling buddies,” but if they did I would buy up an army of Clubber Lang’s. I like my pillow replicas of boxers to be pretty badass what can I say? He pillows the fool.
After that arduous exhibition bout against Clubber Lang, you’re sure to work up a fierce appetite. Time to make a masculine, easy to prepare, yet satisfying meal such as chili. What should you do with the huge 20 gallon vat of chili sitting on the stove that you don’t want to throw away? Well, if you happen to live in New Jersey then these Atomic Food Containers are perfect to store your leftovers while managing to be tongue in cheek at the same time. How many Tupperware do you own at this second that you can say have a sense of humor? I know for a fact that none of my containers have any personality whatsoever. If you really want to let your wife know that her cooking sucks more than Peg Bundy’s, then these may just be the way to go. Although you might want to present her with them BEFORE the holidays that way you don’t have to experience her “raisin liverwurst surprise upside down cake.”
What On Earth doesn’t sponsor this site, but I thought these were bizarre and appropriate enough to mention regardless. The set of 3 containers feature these labels: Nuclear Waste – Eat and Glow. Biodangerous – Yesterday’s Leftovers. Experimental Meal – Consume at Own Risk.

Gross Observations 3: Perverted, Sex, Porn Edition

Not since the dark times…not since the Empire have I done an installment of Gross Observations. It’s been a while so here’s a brand new one for you! If you didn’t get to read the the first 2 installments then by all means click on these links to be magically transported right to them! Gross Observations 1, Gross Observations 2: Holiday Edition ’07.

What I want to know is…who’s the guy who’s getting a girl off using veggies? It’s just not a turn on for me. Either way, is it HIS turn on or HERS? Like George Carlin used to say, “these are the kinds of things that kept me out of the really good schools.”

CREEP: “Hey sweetie, I’m going to do something extra special for you tonight!”

SKANK: “Oh yeah, well then you better mean that you’re taking me straight to the produce department.”
CREEP: Sure honey, cucumbers, zucchini, whatever you want! it’s your night!

If you wind up scoring with a girl who’s a whore wouldn’t that be considered “Scwhoring?”

Is it just me, or do you find it a little uncomfortable when another guy decides to strike up a conversation in the john? You know, the kind of conversation that doesn’t end with a one word answer! These assholes really want to get in-depth! Talk about an inopportune time.

I’m sick of hearing from other guys how abnormal it is that I don’t like girls who have overinflated basketballs for boobs. I’ll take the A cup over the D+ cup any day. I’m fairly sure that there’s a report card correlation there as well. I keed, I keed. All women with big boobs are smart, you know that!

I’m always eating poppy seed bagels and so many people comment to me that poppy seeds don’t have a taste, but I totally think they do so F off. In addition to their mellow taste, among other uses, the poppy was considered an aphrodisiac.

One time while on an image search for “The Hole,” a movie starring the girl who’s unaware she’s my fiance, Keira Knightley, I saw a picture of a girl sans pants and underwear with her legs up. This usually is par for the course in an image search but this pic was different. I looked closer and noticed that the chick had a black jagged circle design tattooed around her anus. What possesses these people to do such stupid crap? Aside from having a tattoo artist handle your rear entrance for an extended period of time, you would think that it might hurt…just a little?!?! Ya think?

Another time as I was navigating the interweb, not doing anything abnormal, I actually saw a headline on a video site that read “Young hottie forced to chop firewood naked.” What the hell? Is this a scenario that you look for in your online porn? Chopping is not an action that I think about when I’m fantasizing. CHOPPING WOOD? That isn’t the best choice of words when you’re trying to enjoy yourself. “Young hottie” is a good way to end that sentence. Chopping firewood naked? Way to set the stage. That doesn’t even make sense. Why would she have to do that anyway? I don’t find that arousing. It kinda makes me feel bad that this girl is going through all that work just because one guy, Walter, in Montana has a firewood chopping fetish. Or he’s out of firewood and after he banged his girlfriend she offered to go chop some wood for the fire. She forgot to put her clothes on. She better chop the shit out of that wood. She’s freezing her ass off and wants to get inside by the fire.

Ever notice how these sex sites refer to some skanky ass, gross, makeup smeared girl as alluring?? She looks like she just vomited up the Titanic. Not the DVD, the actual SHIP itself. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then think Courntey Love after she was mauled by pitbulls and had an aluminum bat shoved down her throat.

You know when you’ve got to pee really bad but for some reason you can’t undo your pants button or zipper? You begin to panic because you’re really preparing to piss yourself. Usually the zipper will finally work at the very last millisecond. How can a grown man have this problem? I really believe that our bladders have GPS and sense where toilets are and just release. When we’re all filled up I don’t think our brain has much say in the matter.

This is a question for any male visitors. Who gets aroused looking at a woman trying to shove a bowling pin up her snatch? Really, who seeks this kind of thing out? It would make sense if it was a guy who was bowling obsessed but otherwise I don’t know who the hell would want to look at that crap. In the immortal words of Al Bundy: “Steeee-Rike!”