Nerd Lunch Podcast 164: The 4th Chair Army of DOOM!

Some of our Internet cohorts and I banded together for a hostile takeover of the Nerd Lunch Podcast. Villainous guest host Shawn Robare from Branded in the ’80s, Jaime from ShezCrafti, Rondal Scott from Strange Kids Club and myself infiltrated the Nerd Lunch HQ and started recording our own show in place of CT, Pax, and Jeeg. Just like the super-villains we are, we pondered some of our most favorite cartoon villains, those villains who influenced our career as evildoers. I had fun doing this one, mostly because I had a chance to talk about two of my favorite topics: villains and cartoons. Just a note about my monologue in the beginning of the show: that was a joint effort between Shawn and I. Shawn wrote the thing and then I added a few things, changed some wording, and made it my own, but credit should be given to Shawn for that as well! Do you think the real Nerd Lunch crew will be able to get their show back? Take a listen to find out and let us know your favorite cartoon villains!

Nerd Lunch Halloween Special!

Nerd Lunch PodcastMy goal in life at this point is to become the Alec Baldwin of the Nerd Lunch podcast. I don’t think I’m quite there yet, but hopefully one of these days I’ll be in contention. What can I say, I have lofty aspirations! This time around I was a guest on their Halloween Special which I was very excited to be a part of. For episode 59, C.T wasn’t around, but Pax, Jeeg, Shawn from Branded in the ’80s, and myself discussed both the 1976 Paul Lynde Halloween Special and the 1986 TV movie The Worst Witch. It was a lot of fun as always and let it enhance your Halloween celebration. You can download it from iTunes for free, or go and visit and catch it there!

Entenmann’s Pumpkin and Cider Donuts


In hopes of finding the annual delicacy of Entenmann’s Halloween Cupcakes at the local Quick Check, I struck out, but found other suitable treats. Listen, I said suitable, not exactly worthy of replacing those delicious cupcakes that even Shawn from Branded in the ’80s lusts after, but still a good find! Entenmann’s Pumpkin and Cider Donuts made their way into my radar and I went for them. There’s 16 donuts here…no way in hell I’ll eat even half of these, but I wanted to taste them. 2 boxes for $6 bucks wasn’t bad.

Taste test time. Poured a mug of milk. Pumpkin was first. Nothing too mind blowing, mild pumpkin flavor, though not as distinct as I was expecting. They sort of remind me of a regular glazed Entenmann’s donunt or Frosted Pop’em, but with cinnamon and pumpkin flavor. Still very good, and more moist and enjoyable than Dunkin’ Donuts Pumpkin Donut.

Cider was next. As much as I didn’t want to believe it, these were actually slightly better than the Pumpkin donuts. Both feature the same type of glaze and softness. It may be because I wasn’t expecting much, but they really surprised me. Usually the apple flavor in other Cider donuts is sickeningly sweet, but here it was just right. These were really friggin’ good and I’d like to inhale another one, but I’m stopping myself.

The problem with Entenmann’s is that everything they make is addicting. Their chocolate chip cookies are my most favorite chocolate chip cookies ever. I can eat a box without even thinking. That’s dangerous because their products aren’t really healthy for ya. Moderation folks. But with these sitting on my counter…it’s too much of a tease. Want to share them with me? By the end of Halloween I’ll probably have gained 10 pounds.

Rest Stop Dedications: Nerd Lunch

The Sexy Armpit is very selective when it comes to dedicating rest stops around the state to blogs and websites. Today, let’s honor one of the best by going out to an all you can eat lunch…a Nerd Lunch!

Nerd Lunch sounds like a blog dedicated to food created by using algebraic equations, but that is so not the case. Head over to Nerd Lunch and join C.T, Jeeg, Plee and their covert mission specialist Paxton from Cavalcade of Awesome for posts on all kinds of nostalgia, toys, comics, TV, and movies. The Nerd Lunch crew also produces a podcast available on iTunes! The Sexy Armpit was a guest on the recent “Episode 9: The Replicators Are Broken” where we all had to agree on what food we would bring aboard our spaceship so download it now! The most recent episode features our friend Shawn Robare from Branded in the ’80s talking about one of my favorite subjects of all time…Masters of the Universe toys!

*Nerd Lunch recently held a DC/Marvel post card mail away in the vein of Branded in the ’80s and I was lucky to receive cards from both sites. I’m going to be taking pictures soon and posting them on our Facebook page.