New Jersey License Plate Purse is High Fashion

I rarely delete e-mails so I wind up with a traffic jam when I log in to my account. I’m subscribed to so much crap in fear that I’ll miss some awesome deal or coupon code, but that is rarely the case. Wouldn’t want to miss that free shipping promotion or ticket pre-sale, so I never unsubscribe from them. Frequently though, I do receive some helpful e-mails. Occasionally a press release will come my way or an opportunity to get in on a huge monetary transaction courtesy of one Mr. Benson Williams formerly of the Kuwait embassy, a gent who was nice enough to send the e-mail at the ATTN: Dearest One of God. Isn’t he sweet?

Other times I’ll be swarmed with notices that I’m now being followed on Twitter by actual account names like “Ass Fucker.”


The frustrating side effect about not keeping an organized inbox is that it’s easy to lose track of the important, useful e-mails. Several months back an online friend, Bella Bliss, tipped me off to these funky women’s handbags based on license plates. Naturally, other states beside NJ are available, but why the hell would I want to write about those?

You can order all 3 versions of the NJ license plate purse