NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 112: Kal Penn Tweets His Tee During The Super Bowl

It was New Jersey’s first Super Bowl. You’d think I’d be glued to the TV. Nope. It took Radio Shack’s ’80s commercial and The Electric Mayhem Band starring in a Toyota ad to pique my interest, otherwise I spent most of the night on Twitter giggling at the amusing shit people were coming up with while poking fun at the train wreck that was happening merely miles away in MetLife Stadium.

Astoundingly, I somehow managed to scrounge some content out of such an awful game. One of the tweets that I kept on reserve (retweeted by @faceman802!) was from producer, actor, Obama team member, and Jersey guy, Kal Penn. He’s otherwise known as Kumar from the Jersey classic, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.

Kal Penn proudly displaying his awesome t-shirt via a Tweet during the Super Bowl last Sunday

Presently, Penn, who also starred in Van Wilder and Superman Returns, works in the White House Office of Public Engagement, and he certainly engaged me with this tweet.

Penn was born in Montclair and later attended middle school in Howell followed by high school in Freehold Township. According to his Wikipedia page, during high school, Penn was involved in theater and the forensics team. One thing is certain, he hasn’t lost his Jersey sense of humor!

Late Night Love Letter to NJ

A few weeks back my fellow NJ friend Nicole was up late at night (or very early in the morning) and felt inspired to start writing about her pride in her home state in the notes app on her iPhone. She was brave and decided to post it on Twitter for all to see. Coincidentally, the time she saved it was my birthday 3:11. It was a sure sign that I needed to immortalize this on The Sexy Armpit!

From my perspective, having other people read my writing has been something I’ve done since I was a little kid, but others aren’t as open with the things that they write. Since Nicole posted her strong feelings about Jersey on Twitter, I felt like I could share it, but with her permission of course. She was cool with it.

Everything she says pretty much sums up what many of us in the state feel. We’re not all the stereotypes, well…some of them. We’re not the Real Housewives…well I guess some of them are. It’s not L.A a place you’ll rarely ever hear people brag about how they were born and bred there, but you’ll always hear about how someone has lived their entire life in Jersey. I have no doubt that I will live in Jersey until the day I die. I can’t speak for others around the country, but do you feel the same type of bond that Nicole feels with Jersey? Do people in Florida or Idaho feel the same strong feelings for their state? I hope we’re not the only ones!

Thanks for letting us share your feelings about NJ, Nicole! You can follow her on Twitter: @villalicious

Batman Arkham City Action Figure Giveaway!!!

The title of the post says it all. We are giving away a set of DC Direct Arkham City Series 1 Batman and Robin figures. These are sold out all over and quickly becoming collector’s items. You don’t have to jump through hoops to win these either. To enter you have two options. All you need to do is:

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Winner will be chosen randomly using a generator and will be contacted for shipping information. Winner will be announced on 1/31/2011. Thanks for swinging by The Sexy Armpit!

The Sexy Armpit Turns 8!

Sexy Armpit Cake

After existing for 8 years, many blogs get a million hits a day. I must be doing something severely wrong. Oh yeah…I’m talking about insignificant New Jersey trivia. If you’re an avid visitor to the site or simply a casual reader, I appreciate your support immensely. Most bloggers don’t get paid and they continue because they enjoy it and we’re no different here. We receive no compensation or donations, but you can pay us in recommendations to your friends, spreading links to our posts, and of course, if you haven’t done so already:

The Making of Sludgey

Sludgey on Puppatoons

Sludgey was a character I created with my friend Steve to promote not only The Sexy Armpit website, but also the now defunct podcast that was available via the site. It feels like ancient history now since it was back in 2004! I killed off the podcast because it was a lot of work and I preferred to write and create other things for the site instead.

The Sexy Armpit podcast may have disappeared rather quickly, but Sludgey never went away. The little whacked out sarcastic slime monster always managed to weasel his way into my website. Whether he appeared in my header or elsewhere on the site, he was always there. Eventually I used him as my Twitter avatar since the first day I joined several years ago. Many of you recognize him from talking with me on Twitter. So, Sludgey has come a long way and I’m happy that I was finally able to bring him out of the computer screen and into reality.

Thanks to Liz at Puppatoons, The Sexy Armpit is proud to finally unveil our puppet Sludgey! Liz worked with me to create a version of Sludgey that was basically the fleece version of my Twitter avatar. I explained to Liz how I wanted him to look and we went back and forth with sketches and details, and not too long after she sent me some “making of” photos which were awesome. Sludgey came packed securely and, now, a few months later, he’s making his YouTube debut!

You can catch Sludgey in “Get Sludgey to Starland” an episode of The Sexy Armpit Show on YouTube. In it, Sludgey begs and pleads to go to see his favorite band, NJ rockers Scarlet Carson, but the Starland Ballroom won’t allow him in. Check it out! Give it a LIKE!

To see and read more about Liz’s puppet creations go to her blog: http://puppatoons.wordpress.com/

CM Punk’s Soul Bounces As He Ascends To Stardom

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlYkW603hWE?rel=0]
CM Punk Introduces New Jersey’s Bouncing Souls in Chicago

It’s amazing what a little bit of creativity and simplicity can do for the wrestling business. For the past couple of weeks CM Punk has lit up the pro wrestling world with his controversial segments on RAW. They are only controversial because he’s pointing out flaws of the state of the WWE when no one else had the balls to. Last night he walked out of WWE’s Money In The Bank Pay Per View in Chicago as the new WWE Champion on his supposed last day with the company, which is a no-no in traditional pro wrestling etiquette.

CM Punk has finally established himself as one of the biggest names in WWE history thanks to his mic work, and ring ability, but it was his overall frustration with the WWE that has already ascended him to legend status. However straight edge Punk fits into the future storyline, if the WWE screws it up, then that will deflate the gigantic fiery ball of heat Punk built for himself. In the past several years I’ve lost so much faith in the writing and creative teams in WWE that I have very little left, so I’m hoping they prove me wrong. They have put on excellent shows these last few weeks so I hope the momentum continues.


Chicago may be CM Punk’s hometown, but one of his favorite bands is from New Brunswick, New Jersey. Icons of the New Jersey punk scene, The Bouncing Souls have been together since 1987. CM Punk has made it known that he’s a huge fan, via his Twitter account, and going so far as to tattoo one of their logos on him. Punk has even used 2 Bouncing Souls tracks as his entrance themes “Night Train” and “Ole!”

Check out The Bouncing Souls official site and their label Chunksaah Records


Chiller Theatre Spring Spooktacular 2011 – All Weekend Long!

Chiller Theatre Spring 2011
THIS WEEKEND, The Sexy Armpit will be attending Chiller Theatre’s Spring Spooktacular Toy, Model, and Film Expo. If it’s not too crazy I’ll be posting updates on Twitter @sexyarmpit. For the pop culture fanatics out there, the guest list is pretty amazing this time around. In the past couple of years, for various reasons, Chiller Theatre has gained a bad reputation amongst fans and bloggers. I’m not even clear as to why, but I get that impression every time I ask people if they will be going to the next Chiller con. I’ve been going to Chiller for years ever since my Dad brought me to my first one and it’s always a good time. The convention will be going on Friday through Sunday but make sure to visit www.chillertheatre.com for all the details!
Parsippany Hilton
One Hilton Court
Parsippany, NJ 07054

Lee’s Hawaiian Islander: The Sexy Armpit’s Tiki Adventure


Lee's Hawaiian Islander
It wasn’t my intention to go to work on my birthday, so I thought ahead and took the day off. If you follow me on Twitter (@sexyarmpit) you probably already know that my day wasn’t filled with Jaeger bombs or butt cheeks flailing in my face. My birthday included a malfunctioning pneumatic tube at the bank drive thru, getting Appolonia’s “Sex Shooter” stuck in my head all day, and almost driving away with a little Mexican lady who clearly wasn’t finished cleaning my windows at the car wash. I closed the doors and she was still in the back of my car unbeknownst to me, all this while I battled clogged sinuses, and pumped myself with Red Bull because I haven’t been getting proper sleep.

Lee's Hawaiian Pu Pu Platter
Later in the night the family took a trip to Lee’s Hawaiian Islander in Lyndhurst, NJ for a birthday dinner for myself and my dad whose birthday is a couple of days after. I’ve never been to Lee’s but have always wanted to go to check out the kitchsy ’50s and ’60s Polynesian decor. The whole retro Tiki trend has always fascinated me and it’s been my mission to have a birthday dinner there for a long time. Lee’s has been a Jersey institution for decades and they even had 2 locations for a long time until one burned down several years back.

Lee's Hawaiian Islander

If you’re into Tiki culture, Lee’s is the most prominent stop for that in New Jersey. It’s such an odd place, but not for the fact that it hasn’t changed one bit since it opened in the early ’70s, more so because they may have the exact same staff from when the opened! The place was fairly empty when I got there at 7pm but I waited for several minutes before anyone asked me if I would like to be seated. From there I don’t have many complaints about the food since it’s exactly what you expect from Polynesian/Chinese type cuisine. Our waiter barely spoke English which made it very difficult to order and ask questions. Only a few minor drawbacks, but it’s well worth it to be able to enjoy such an iconic Tiki restaurant in New Jersey. Overall it was a fun dinner, and such a different experience than any other restaurant in the state.

New Jersey License Plate Purse is High Fashion

I rarely delete e-mails so I wind up with a traffic jam when I log in to my account. I’m subscribed to so much crap in fear that I’ll miss some awesome deal or coupon code, but that is rarely the case. Wouldn’t want to miss that free shipping promotion or ticket pre-sale, so I never unsubscribe from them. Frequently though, I do receive some helpful e-mails. Occasionally a press release will come my way or an opportunity to get in on a huge monetary transaction courtesy of one Mr. Benson Williams formerly of the Kuwait embassy, a gent who was nice enough to send the e-mail at the ATTN: Dearest One of God. Isn’t he sweet?

Other times I’ll be swarmed with notices that I’m now being followed on Twitter by actual account names like “Ass Fucker.”


The frustrating side effect about not keeping an organized inbox is that it’s easy to lose track of the important, useful e-mails. Several months back an online friend, Bella Bliss, tipped me off to these funky women’s handbags based on license plates. Naturally, other states beside NJ are available, but why the hell would I want to write about those?

You can order all 3 versions of the NJ license plate purse Ebags.com: