The Making of Sludgey

Sludgey on Puppatoons

Sludgey was a character I created with my friend Steve to promote not only The Sexy Armpit website, but also the now defunct podcast that was available via the site. It feels like ancient history now since it was back in 2004! I killed off the podcast because it was a lot of work and I preferred to write and create other things for the site instead.

The Sexy Armpit podcast may have disappeared rather quickly, but Sludgey never went away. The little whacked out sarcastic slime monster always managed to weasel his way into my website. Whether he appeared in my header or elsewhere on the site, he was always there. Eventually I used him as my Twitter avatar since the first day I joined several years ago. Many of you recognize him from talking with me on Twitter. So, Sludgey has come a long way and I’m happy that I was finally able to bring him out of the computer screen and into reality.

Thanks to Liz at Puppatoons, The Sexy Armpit is proud to finally unveil our puppet Sludgey! Liz worked with me to create a version of Sludgey that was basically the fleece version of my Twitter avatar. I explained to Liz how I wanted him to look and we went back and forth with sketches and details, and not too long after she sent me some “making of” photos which were awesome. Sludgey came packed securely and, now, a few months later, he’s making his YouTube debut!

You can catch Sludgey in “Get Sludgey to Starland” an episode of The Sexy Armpit Show on YouTube. In it, Sludgey begs and pleads to go to see his favorite band, NJ rockers Scarlet Carson, but the Starland Ballroom won’t allow him in. Check it out! Give it a LIKE!

To see and read more about Liz’s puppet creations go to her blog:

CW’s Reaper lifts our mascot for “What About Blob” episode

I’ve been enjoying Reaper on the CW network. It’s refreshing to watch a new show that’s actually good and doesn’t look like it’s going to be cancelled right away. The show isn’t scary per se but it has some decent FX and it occasionally a Ghostbusters vibe to it. Although I was surprised when I saw this week’s “villian” will be a slime monster. Check out a preview of “What About Blob” here. Of course they didn’t really steal this character from us, but I couldn’t help but notice the similarity. Back in ’05, I had my friend Steve draw a logo for the site and explained to him that I wanted a “sludge monster.” We naturally named him Sludgie, and sold his likeness and our souls to the Carvel Ice Cream chain. They are now producing chocolate chip mint ice cream cakes based on him. Yeah right, how awesome would that be? Reaper is definitely a funny show and they credit Kevin Smith as a “consultant.” He directed the first episode but now it’s the CW’s feeble attempt to make people think he’s still invovled in the show and he’ll probably get some kickbacks. Watch the show while it’s still around since I’m going to sue their ass off 🙂