BIOCH License Plate


I delved into The Sexy Armpit News Archives and found a news report from last year that aired on New York’s Fox 5 news. Reporter Cora-Ann Mihalik broke this truly newsworthy (sarcasm) story about Kim Romano a resident of Manville, New Jersey. The anchor at the time, Ernie Anastos, kept f*cking that chicken by introducing the story as “License Plates Personalized with Profanity!?!”

It all started with an anonymous complaint to the NJ DMV. Some idiot was so offended by Kim Romano’s plate that they took the precious time out of their life to send an e-mail complaint to the DMV about how appalling it was. 4 years prior to the story Kim says her BIOCH license plate started out as a joke but the DMV computers processed and approved the name without any problems. Then, at the time of the news report, the NJ DMV was forcing Kim to give the plates back and making her choose a new plate.


Mihalik interviewed a couple of bystanders regarding this crucial news story. First, Michele Tubby, yes that’s actually her name, said “I don’t want my kids seeing it,” while a retired police officer said it’s not offensive because it looks like it says Bocce Ball. Not sure if that was his attempt at humor or if he’s dislexic: BIOCH/BOCHI BALL. I wouldn’t have given this much thought if I saw this plate on a car on the road. I’d probably get a laugh but that would be the extent of it considering it doesn’t look remotely offensive to me.

The report shouldn’t have implied that the word was offensive from the get go. The report would’ve been more effective if they polled the audience asking if people thought it was offensive or not and went into a tirade about how f*cking ridiculous the person was that complained about it. If it does look offensive to some, it’s obvious that Kim is the one who is the brunt of the joke. License plates don’t call other drivers names, they typically describe the driver of the car. Unless it’s this plate which I have already applied for: URNASS. If you can’t figure that one out then you need to go to text messaging school.
For those who are Bioch curious, a Google search will yield the infinite amount of ways to spell “Bioch,” and I must say that they way it’s spelled on the plate is not my first choice. I would spell it BIATCH primarily because there’s an “ahh” sound in there, and many people even get a little crazy and throw the letter Y in for good measure. To me, BIOCH just looks like the abbreviation for BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL. 

Not sure why Cora-Ann Mihalik conveniently left out the fact that Manville NJ is primarily known to many people in the state as the home of the establishment formerly known as Frank’s Chicken House now referred to as Delilah’s Den, but now you know. So there you go, BIOCH!