Washington Township’s B.J Raji #90


I’m about as interested in watching Super Bowl XLV as much as I’d be interested in taking my college Algebra course over again. But, like many fans whose team did not make it to The Big Game, I’m pumped to watch the commercials and I’ll also be looking for #90 on the field.

Even though the Green Bay Packers are possibly my least favorite team in the league, I have been following the career of their nose tackle out of Boston College. Touted as “The Freezer,” B.J Raji is this generations answer to “The Refrigerator” William Perry. Standing at 6-2 and weighing in at 337 lbs he’s no joke considering that his mobility and awareness sets him apart from many other giants in the NFL. In this seasons playoffs, Raji surprised the crowd at Soldier Field when he had the play of the game running in an 18 yard touchdown against the Chicago Bears.

Raji’s bio on The Green Bay Packers official site offers a look into his high school and college accomplishments as well as his stats in the NFL. His football career began in Westwood Regional High School in Westwood NJ, where he was all state all North Jersey and an all county honoree as he racked up 75 ┬átackles and 7 1/2 sacks. Raji also played varsity basketball his freshman and sophomore year and was selected to play in the Governor’s Bowl, a game pitting the top senior players from New Jersey against those from New York. Along with his affinity for video games and movies, his bio also mentions that he coached youth football and basketball in New Jersey.

Blue lights on the trees?

There was a great commercial that aired during the kickass episode of Heroes on Monday. I must give props to Cingular and Motorola who produced an homage of A Christmas Story to promote their latest phone deal.

I find it quite amazing that A Charlie Brown Christmas is already airing on television right at this second on ABC. What’s even nuttier is that the Christmas Tree lighting in Rockefeller Center seems like it’s being scheduled earlier and earlier each year. Next thing you know, Halloween will be cancelled and replaced by a new holiday called “Countdown to Christmas.”

Tomorrow is the tree lighting and to me it’s pretty exciting. I’m looking forward to going to see the tree because it’s one of the last real traditions we have in the tri-state area. Traditions are awesome and make Christmas one of the most highly anticipated holidays. From the holiday music to the classic movies, it’s fun to relive them each year. Even though the holiday season has the most anticipation of any tradition, (next to the Super Bowl of course!) the more miniscule ones are still important. To many people, watching Monday Night Football (or Raw in my case) is one of the feelings that makes living life so awesome. If you don’t have traditions in your life, I recommend starting a brand new one up and then see if you can make it catch on with other people. Oh wait, George Costanza’s father tried that on Seinfeld (fesitvus) and Seth tried to on The O.C (Chrismakuh) and they both didn’t work out. It’s worth a shot anyway. I’ve always wanted to make a horror movie night with some friends where we all got together and watched a different horror movie every week or so. To me that is a great tradition.

Finally, it’s important to note that the town has decorated the trees on Main St. They put these weird blueish/purple lights on the trees! Usually red and green is more festive, or even colorless lights are better. I can’t get into lavendar, it’s not traditional enough dammit! Even silver and gold would be better.