NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 60: Bluto and Wimpy


I grew up knowing him as Brutus, but he’s more commonly known as Bluto. No matter what he’s called I bet he’d fit in quite nicely with the sweaty, juiced up guidos down at the Jersey shore. In today’s first t-shirt, Bluto is pictured begging for you to hit him with your best shot, because he’s from New Jersey and obviously he loves pumping Pat Benatar’s Crimes of Passion CD while cruising up and down Ocean Avenue.

Wimpy is seen on the second tee defying all Popeye comic rules and regulations. Wimpy only eats hamburgers, not pork roll sandwiches! The front of the shirt claims that you can’t get REAL PORK ROLL anywhere else but New Jersey, and for some mysterious reason, that is true. Maybe if he was from Jersey he would be hooked on the previously posted Jersey Burger, that’s the best of both worlds. In the end, that cheapskate wouldn’t last a second in a Jersey diner because they wouldn’t stand for his wily hamburger scams.

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NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 45: Popeye at The Jersey Shore

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Popeye Jersey Shore T-Shirt available at 80’s Tees.com

When mashing up MTV’s Jersey Shore with a cartoon property, Popeye is not the first to pop in my head. But, this T-Shirt mash up actually brings an amusing idea to the table. Could this be a novel way to breathe new life into Popeye for a whole new generation of young viewers? A guido version of Popeye could definitely be funny and it’s not improbable to think that Adult Swim, Comedy Central, or even Fox would jump on airing it. For the next few minutes, just imagine that Popeye’s crew got shipwrecked and washed up on somewhere on the Jersey Shore.

First, we’ll need to see if we can compare the stars of MTV’s Jersey Shore to the characters in Popeye. Ronnie could pass for Bluto (or Brutus as I knew him from reruns as a kid), and for Olive Oyl you can take your pick between Snookie, JWoww, and Sammi because they are all annoying enough to fill that role. Unfortunately, there’s no debate that Vinny would have to be the hamburger eatin’ straight man, Wimpy, and finally Popeye would be The Situation, although he’s nowhere near as heroic, and instead of ripped abs, Popeye’s got killer forearms, gee, I wonder if it’s because Olive Oyl doesn’t put out enough? Oh, and as for DJ Pauly D, we’ll let him create the modern fist pounding theme song for the show.