Gnarly November Giveaway!

October’s Giveaway was a big hit so let’s do another one, what do you say? We upped the ante with this haul for sure. This month’s giveaway is going to be a real CORNUCOPIA OF CRAP (Necessary Thanksgiving tie-in). Everything in the picture is what the winner will receive.

1. New Mantenna Masters of the Universe Classics Figure
2. Shredder figure from the TMNT line.
3. Incredible Hulk Poster from Target
4. G.I Joe Combat Heroes Destro and Cover Girl
5. The amazing 1987 Dinosaurs! VHS Tape starring Fred Savage
6. Fantastic Four Book and Record Set
7. Star Trek Communicator Badge from Kellog’s
8. Captain Kirk Collectible Glass from Burger King
9. 2 Marvel mini comics
10. Sample pack of Star Wars cards

Plus, just like last time, it’s very simple to enter.


1. LIKE us on Facebook. If you already like our page on Facebook – THANKS, YOU F’N RULE!

2. Send us a message stating that you wish to enter the November giveaway either privately or in the comments of this post at the page.

3. A name will be chosen randomly out of all entries and the winner will be contacted on November 22nd for shipping information.

Spock Crash Lands In The Sexy Armpit

A long time ago on a blog in cyberspace, Chunky B. of Eclectorama sent his Spock action figure off on a journey around the United States. Chunky called Spock’s trip SPOCKATION and many of his readers signed up to be his host when he reached their state. It’s been nearly 2 years and I figured Spock was never going to reach New Jersey, but a few weeks back…FINALLY SPOCK CAME TO THE SEXY ARMPIT! Spock, myself and Miss Sexy Armpit had a grand old time as we showed him many of the pop culture spots around The Garden State. There were so many more places I could’ve brought him but I was only supposed to have him for a week and I exceeded that limit by more than a few weeks! Spock’s trip is detailed in a commemorative comic book that I created for him so he always remembers The Sexy Armpit! You can read the comic book above in the reader or go to Eclectorama and read it there! Thanks to Chunky B for letting Spock stay with us here in New Jersey!

Zoe Saldana is May’s Garden State Playmate!

I admit it, I first came across New Jersey born actress Zoe Saldana in the Britney Spears movie Crossroads. I have no reason to lie to you, I didn’t think it was that bad! The film wasn’t as predictable as I thought it would be, in fact, it was pretty shlocky and had a few unexpected twists. They were almost as unexpected as reading that Zoe likes to wear men’s clothing occasionally. Who doesn’t dig a girl in a man’s business shirt wearing nothing else? That’s always a WIN if you ask me, since she’ll probably feel obligated to take it to get dry cleaned afterwards. You know how girls are, always concerned about returning your clothes in a fragrantly clean condition. For a second there it made me think “Damn, Zoe must smell really good…” then I remembered that’s an impossibility, because she’s from New Jersey!

In 2003, Zoe scored a pretty sizeable role as Anamaria in one of my favorite movies of all time, Pirates of the Caribbean. Out of the 8 times I saw it in the theater, I was, without a doubt, the ONLY person male or female to announce fairly loudly “HEY, THAT’S THE GIRL FROM CROSSROADS!” I then continued to ogle her and sip my cold, refreshing, $5 dollar cherry ICEE.

Uhura’s hotness quotient has risen, among other things. Casting Zoe in the new Trek film was a power move since it made watching the film a lot easier for those who weren’t previously fans of Star Trek. Hey now! That’s one Sexy Armpit! Something just beamed up in my trousers! Coming soon, look out for Zoe starring in James Cameron’s Avatar!