Worst Drivers in America: NJ Takes 2nd Place!

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It was to be expected. New Jersey strives to make the top 5 of lists like this year after year. Coming in 2nd place in GMAC’s Worst Drivers in America report, is a loss in our eyes. We didn’t invent road rage to be in a crappy 2nd place.

Why do cable networks continue to create shows based in NJ about salons and guidos when they so should be creating a quality program about what Jersey people are clearly superior at, being shitty drivers! NJ came in 2nd behind New York on GMAC’s report, one that doesn’t exactly measure how many accidents or violations we’ve had, but merely a survey of driving knowledge. The website WalletPop cites from the study that “nearly 1 in 5 licensed drivers — roughly 38 million Americans — would not pass a written drivers test exam if taken today.” So, before the rest of you go getting all braggadocios, it’s not just us Tri-State area folks who are complete maniacs on the road!

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