NJ Is Under Water!

Toms River Postcard 1958

Many towns throughout the Garden State are submerged in water right now. News helicopters have been filming people getting around town by canoe and TV reporters are standing in the middle of streets knee deep in water. This vintage postcard from 1958 is a funny one, but Hurricane Irene was no joke. Can you imagine not having cable for like…an entire day? What about Internet? Worse than that: what about all your snacks in the basement pantry? Soaked! New Jersey is the wet basement capitol of the world right now. In all seriousness, it seems to the rest of the world that we are being little babies about this hurricane. While it wasn’t as severe as some previous hurricanes, it still caused a ton of damage and claimed 35 lives in it’s wake. So far, we know that 4 of them were from New Jersey. The Sexy Armpit sends our sincere condolences out to their families.