Amityville House At Bargain Pricing!


If you’d like to live in The Amityville Horror house, all you need to do is scrounge up is $955,000 bucks! Your next paycheck will probably cover that price tag, right? An article by Gabriel Falcon at CNN Entertainment explains why this is actually a bargain price right now. It’s quite a drop since last year it was priced at $1.45 million! The house is located in Toms River, NJ and the couple selling the place swears it’s NOT haunted.

The events in The Amityville Horror took place in a house on Long Island, but when production of the 1979 film commenced, the movie company was denied permission to film there. A house in Toms River was then made up to look like the house on Long Island. What that means is the Toms River house is not haunted just as it’s inhabitants claim. Things change though. The couple who live in the house are in the middle of a divorce. Who knows what they’re liable to do to each other if they can’t unload this huge stressor off their back in the form of a legendary facade of horrors. The property is on the river, so it’s easy access for a couple who are at odds to attempt to pull a Norman Bates and drive the other into a watery grave. I doubt it would be the first body dumped in that water!

In addition to the iconic house in Toms River, The Amityville Horror also features scenes filmed in Ocean County, Scotch Plains, and a church in Point Pleasant, NJ. Not bad for a movie about a story that took place on Long Island!

Guns and Roses…Literally!

On our drive back up the Garden State Parkway after a night in Atlantic City, Miss Sexy Armpit and I were looking to stop in a store and get some flowers to bring home for Mother’s Day.

We stopped off in Toms River which is a really large town in South Jersey. I thought there were a few places we could stop at, but as we got off the Parkway I started to realize there weren’t as many stores as I thought. Miss Sexy Armpit said “Hey, look, Guns and Roses!” “That’s an awesome name for a flower shop,” I replied to her. We really hit the jackpot because it’s located so close to exit 81 and we figured we could avoid the ridiculous weekend crowds of grocery stores and big name shopping centers.

It turns out that the shop’s name wasn’t necessarily a reference to the recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees of the same name. After walking in and shopping around Miss Sexy Armpit told the owners how cool we thought the name was. The woman behind the counter explained that there’s actually a gun and ammo shop in the back. If the one stop shop for all your firearm and flower arrangement needs is a becoming a thing, then Guns & Roses is the place you want to go to. The owners were super nice and our mom’s loved their flowers (which were very reasonably priced compared to most other places and online shops by the way.) They even personally thanked us for our business – something that doesn’t happen much anymore.

It’s always better to support local independent businesses, so I was glad that Miss Sexy Armpit saw the GnR sign! Next time you to need to buy flowers and a badass Smith and Wesson .45, you know where to go!

Guns and Roses
298 W. Water Street
Toms River, NJ 08753

NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 88: True Jersey


It’s a crime that it’s taken 88 Jersey related t-shirt posts for me to write about True Jersey. It’s true that I’ve seen their t-shirt and sticker designs in the past, but I wasn’t fully acquainted with their company until recently. Much like The Sexy Armpit, True Jersey started well before MTV’s Jersey Shore and as you can see in the pic above that I compiled from pics off their site, they offer some of the coolest Jersey stuff available.

The company started out as a small operation in “spare rooms and garages,” and eventually moved their printing operation into a space in Belmar NJ. Presently, in addition to the Belmar location, they have a new shop in Toms River, NJ.

Their products are made by Jersey people and reflect the Garden State culture so you know it’s 100% bonafide Jersey. This is a company who is proud of their roots and create products that express that. It’s not like you are getting some t-shirt made in Taiwan that has the word “Situation” slapped on it. In the True Jersey shop you will find all original designs on high quality tees, hats, stickers, skate decks, and art prints.

You must be thinking to yourself, how much free crap did these True Jersey folks give to me to write this? Actually none…but they should! HA! Seriously, I bought a pretty damn sharp pinstriped New Jersey hat from them recently and I’m eagerly looking forward to a trip to their new store soon. One thing is for sure, True Jersey shares the same sentiments that The Sexy Armpit has been living by for nearly 8 years and it’s at the top of their F.A.Q page: “…occasionally poking fun at our own flaws. It’s what Jersey is about.”

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NJ Is Under Water!

Toms River Postcard 1958

Many towns throughout the Garden State are submerged in water right now. News helicopters have been filming people getting around town by canoe and TV reporters are standing in the middle of streets knee deep in water. This vintage postcard from 1958 is a funny one, but Hurricane Irene was no joke. Can you imagine not having cable for like…an entire day? What about Internet? Worse than that: what about all your snacks in the basement pantry? Soaked! New Jersey is the wet basement capitol of the world right now. In all seriousness, it seems to the rest of the world that we are being little babies about this hurricane. While it wasn’t as severe as some previous hurricanes, it still caused a ton of damage and claimed 35 lives in it’s wake. So far, we know that 4 of them were from New Jersey. The Sexy Armpit sends our sincere condolences out to their families.

Roy Rogers Still Exists in Pine Beach, NJ

This picture was featured on FFD’s Random Tater Pic of the Day #4

You can find Roy Rogers cuisine in a few Turnpike rest stops in New Jersey, but a freestanding Roy Rogers? It must be a mirage! No, it’s real. There’s an actual bonafide Roy Rogers near Toms River NJ in a town called Pine Beach, and Ray, a friend of Glenn Walker’s awesome French Fry Diary, sent in a picture to the FFD to prove it.

Out of the 6 Roy Rogers locations in New Jersey, 5 of them are in service plazas. The Pine Beach location isn’t even listed on their official site which means they must be a Rogue Roy Rogers!