Batman Pez Dispensers

Everyone I know seems to be candy crazy. I was never obsessed with sweets and I rarely go on sugar frenzies. Although I must say I do enjoy Reese’s cups, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, and peppermint patties every now and then. I definitely opt for a chocolate bar over a sugary candy like sweet tarts or airheads. I also have a disdain for anything too chewy or with a “gummy” prefix although the gummy raspberries and blackberries with the crunchies on the outside are highly enjoyable.

Throughout my life, Pez weren’t the most accessible candy out there. I couldn’t go to the nearest convenience store and pick up Pez. In my area of N.J they were readily available at toy stores and rarely anywhere else unless it was a holiday. Christmas and Valentine’s day brings Pez out to many stores in full force.

Pez were always a candy that I discovered every few months as a kid. I remember that I would keep my pez dispensers in a mini drawer in my closet. Whenever I broke out all my toys I’d open up my mini drawer and get my Pez paraphenalia ready to rock. In there I had stockpiled unwrapped pez candy that were waiting to be loaded into one of my many dispensers.

You can imagine how odd Pez tasted after a year or two even if they were still wrapped in their original package. I don’t think I realized that they probably went bad after a while. Regardless, I’d load the Pez candy into the Hulk head or the Snoopy head and then start popping them into my mouth like mad. I then realized how stale they were. They were fairly hard, I’m lying…they were break your teeth hard. They were also a bit hollow for some reason. But they still tasted like classic Pez pellets and aside from their stale state, they still had their unmistakable classic Pez flavor. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the actual candy but I still have many of my original dispensers.

Here are the Batman dispensers I’ve gathered throughout the years. They go in order of when I got them. The oldest on the left I got when I was about 8 years old! You can see the changes to the mold and the color modifications. The blue color changes slightly from the 1st dispenser to the 2nd and it’s not just old age, they actually have slightly different blue tones. The first one is probably my favorite because it’s classic but if the last two were combined! Holy Nightmare! The last one’s head sculpt is reminiscent of the comic book Batman. Switching the last dispenser’s navy blue for black would make one heck of a perfect Bat-Pez dispenser!

**After scanning Bat-Blog, I noticed there’s a new set of Batman Pez dispensers that have been released that include Joker, Riddler, Two-Face, and a Batman with a gray body and the same head as the last dispenser pictured here. These are such nice sculpts and are a Bat-fans wet dream!

3 Musketeers Dark Chocolate Mint

I’m really not a big candy guy, and it’s rare for me to find a variety that I really enjoy. I am a sucker for a limited edition candy, or a version that might not have a long run in stores. In this instance, inside the cool Batman trick or treat pail that my girl got for me, I found a new 3 Musketeers bar waiting for me mixed in with some other treats.

This was no ordinary 3 Musketeers bar either, this one was made with Dark Chocolate and had mint fluffy stuff inside. I’ve always leaned toward 3 Musketeers if I were to have a candy bar, mostly because they are lower in fat than other bars but also because they’re damn good. Of course, candy bars are notoriously packed with fat and calories, but this one will give you a less severe heart attack than if you just ate Baby Ruth’s or Whatchamacalits all day. And sorry NO, Snickers marathon bars do not count as a healthy meal! If you do look at nutritional information, then you’d be rather pleased to know that you won’t have to feel totally guilty eating this new bar.

One requirement before eating: you must have a taste for dark chocolate. I’m a maniac for dark chocolate and I’m the first one to grab the Special Dark Hershey’s whenever there’s a bowl of variety chocolates around. It’s usually not a big deal because everyone I know goes for Krackle like it’s a target and they’re snipers. It’s sick! The fact that dark chocolate is lower in fat than milk chocolate probably explains why there’s so many new candy and foods that are coming out featuring dark chocolate. Companies love to capitalize on health trends. I’ve tried the Snickers Dark bar and it’s really enjoyable but I don’t think it stands up to this one. It’s hard to change your taste with a bar as iconic as Snickers. You expect one flavor, the same one you’ve tasted forever. If it’s any different, it’s a let down!

The bar has a basic mint taste with a similar but softer texture than a York Peppermint Patty. I liked that it didn’t have a peppermint taste, but more of a vague mint which wasn’t overpowering. The version I got was actually 2 small bars in one package which is never fun. If I wanted FUN SIZE, I would’ve bought them. I think this is the way that they scam us by thinking we’re getting a whole bar, yet they chince on 2 centimeters of the bar. Crooks I tell ya!