NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 89: Boardwalk Empire

Steve Gelenter’s Boardwalk Empire/Monopoly parody T-shirt Design

The incomparable artist Tom Krohne aka @Monsterfink recently tweeted about how awesome the ShirtPunch.com site is. Until reading his tweet I had never heard of it so I typed it in and what I found was not just a typical ironic t-shirt store.

Shirt Punch offers a new t-shirt every day and once each shirt is sold out…they’re gone FOREVER! That’s a cool concept since it makes the shirts more rare and original rather than having the chance that every other person has the same t-shirt. Artists can sign up and submit their art and also make a commission off the sale. In today’s case, New Jersey artist and graphic designer Steve Gelenter of CoDdesigns came up with one of the coolest t-shirt designs ever in our NJ T-shirt column.

His Boardwalk Empire parody incorporates the Monopoly connection to Atlantic City. The Rich Uncle Pennybags is modeled after Nucky Thompson while underneath the graphic there’s a quote that reads “When the bankers weren’t looking the outlaws became kings!”

Steve changed the name of some of the properties including¬†Atlantic City Boardwalk in place of simply Boardwalk,¬†Capone’s Place instead of Park Place, Chalky’s Tax (named after Chalky White) instead of Luxury Tax, and it’s all accented by the crime scene outline of a dead body. Unfortunately his design sold out in no time so all we can do now is beg for him to sell it elsewhere!