NJ T-Shirt Tuesday 89: Boardwalk Empire

Steve Gelenter’s Boardwalk Empire/Monopoly parody T-shirt Design

The incomparable artist Tom Krohne aka @Monsterfink recently tweeted about how awesome the ShirtPunch.com site is. Until reading his tweet I had never heard of it so I typed it in and what I found was not just a typical ironic t-shirt store.

Shirt Punch offers a new t-shirt every day and once each shirt is sold out…they’re gone FOREVER! That’s a cool concept since it makes the shirts more rare and original rather than having the chance that every other person has the same t-shirt. Artists can sign up and submit their art and also make a commission off the sale. In today’s case, New Jersey artist and graphic designer Steve Gelenter of CoDdesigns came up with one of the coolest t-shirt designs ever in our NJ T-shirt column.

His Boardwalk Empire parody incorporates the Monopoly connection to Atlantic City. The Rich Uncle Pennybags is modeled after Nucky Thompson while underneath the graphic there’s a quote that reads “When the bankers weren’t looking the outlaws became kings!”

Steve changed the name of some of the properties including¬†Atlantic City Boardwalk in place of simply Boardwalk,¬†Capone’s Place instead of Park Place, Chalky’s Tax (named after Chalky White) instead of Luxury Tax, and it’s all accented by the crime scene outline of a dead body. Unfortunately his design sold out in no time so all we can do now is beg for him to sell it elsewhere!

AD JERSEUM 13: Boardwalk Empire in Atlantic City

Boardwalk Empire NJ
For last year’s premiere of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, the ad campaign was seen all over Atlantic City. The series of posters for the first season were beautifully painted and appeared in magazines, blogs, and naturally, along the boardwalk in Atlantic City. You might have also seen these posters while you were baking on the beach because they were all over the pier.
Boardwalk Empire Atlantic City
Not too long ago Miss Sexy Armpit and I saw a couple of billboards for the 2nd season of Boardwalk Empire on the Atlantic City Expressway. These were more of a viral type ad campaign in contrast to the lavish artwork used in the 1st season’s campaign. The Atlantic City Beautification Project is a bit of a ruse if you don’t bother to look at the rest of the billboard. Since Atlantic City has actually made progress in beautifying it’s central area with new landscaping, upscale outdoor shopping, various restaurants, and Jay Z’s 40/40 Club, one might think that the A.C Beautification Project was a real municipal initiative. Either way, the ad indicates that we have Nucky Thompson to thank for it.
Boardwalk Empire Atlantic City
When seen from your car before you split off to go to your casino, this smaller version of the billboard is even more realistic. It’s like one of those homemade signs stuck in someone’s lawn promoting a candidate for a spot in the local government. Props to HBO for another cool localized ad campaign. The only thing that could make it feel more real is if it said Nucky Johnson!